Thu , January 18, 2018
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Where the Hell Is The ADHS?

Where the hell is the Arizona Department of Health Services?

They are suppose to be “regulating” the Arizona medical marijuana industry, yet they are missing in action. They don’t even tell the public what dispensaries are licensed to operate and dispense medical marijuana in this state. Isn’t that suppose to be their job? Why don’t they have a list of licensed dispensaries? Wouldn’t it be in the best interest of the citizens of Arizona to know where they can legally find medical marijuana?

The ADHS appears to be another efficiently operating government run institution. LOL.

It’s like we really do still live in the Wild Wild West. So get on your pony, ride to the nearest building that smells like delicious weed, and buy as much as you want… because if the ADHS doesn’t start doing its job, then people are gonna start regulating the industry their way.

Fortunately, you can find information about Arizona’s medical marijuana industry – right here on!