Sun , May 19, 2019

MedEval Clinic

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10:00am – 5:00pm
10:00am – 5:00pm
10:00am – 5:00pm
10:00am – 5:00pm
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Typically, our patients pay $200.00 ($150 State Tax + $50 Doctor Fee).

Certification – $50 Doctor Fee

ADHS Fee (Regular) – $150 (Food Stamp/EBT – $75)

Update Medical Records – $50

$10 Discount for all veterans


MedEval Clinic offers FREE medical consultations! Come in and speak with one of our physicians about whether or not medical marijuana is the right fit for you.

Residents of Arizona living in Phoenix who have been seeking alternative pathways to healthier and happier living may now acquire medical marijuana recommendations through MedEval Clinic. Ever since opening its first doors in 2014 in Colorado, MedEval has proudly served thousands of cannabis community members across the state. Now that MedEval has expanded to a secondary location in Phoenix, Arizona patients will have access to competent, compassionate, and respectful care at the hands of MedEval’s experienced staff.

Each member of the MedEval team stands firm behind the belief that medical marijuana can provide many ailing patients with effective relief. Modern medicine has left behind a great number of patients across Phoenix who have struggled to find even a modicum of relief with pharmaceuticals or other options. Instead, these patients often find exactly what they’re looking for with medical marijuana: relief and happiness.

MedEval’s medical team is led by experts in neurology and botany, making this clinic the perfect destination statewide for patients in search of the most up-to-date medical understanding of cannabis. And further, MedEval abides by the patient-first philosophy of patient empowerment. They will provide their patients with invaluable cannabis education as well as treatment plans specific to each individual patient. For those in search of expert and caring hands when pursuing a medical marijuana recommendation, look no further than MedEval clinic in Phoenix.

Prospective patients living in Phoenix interested in medical cannabis recommendations must first gather relevant medical information describing their chronic condition. Then, patients must contact MedEval Clinic to schedule an appointment where one of MedEval’s state-approved cannabis physicians will assess qualified patients with recommendations. With the recommendation in hand, patients must then register with the state’s Medical Marijuana Online Registry System, which MedEval Clinic will assist patients in completing. Once registration is complete and patients have received their registry ID cards in the mail, they may then access their treatments legally statewide.

Local Legislation:
Medical cannabis legislation throughout the state of Arizona requires that cannabis patients suffer from a chronic or debilitating condition including nausea, severe pain, and glaucoma among others. For more information regarding the complete list of qualifying conditions, contact MedEval in Phoenix today.

Service Locations:
MedEval Clinic is proud to serve the Phoenix region of Arizona, from Peoria and Glendale to Mesa and Gilbert, MedEval’s doors are open to any and all curious patients. MedEval’s reputation for compassion, respect, and discretion has brought in patients from as far out as Wickenburg and Florence. From Desert View Village to Maryvale Village, the wonderful folks at MedEval Clinic strive every day to provide its patients with the tools needed to achieve healthier and happier lifestyles.

Location Information:
Visitors to Phoenix, Arizona should treat themselves to an early morning or mid-afternoon hike to Camelback Mountain. The scenic vistas it provides overlooking the city below are one of a kind — don’t forget a camera! Phoenix natives also highly recommend the Desert Botanical Garden along North Galvin Parkway. The water fountains, light show, and butterfly exhibit make Phoenix’s botanical garden stand out as a must-visit hotspot.