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Dispensaries to Stay Open as Denver Undergoes ‘Stay at Home’ Order

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By Associated Press

(AP) — Denver has issued a “stay at home” order limiting most people to going out only for essentials such as groceries, medication and exercise as officials try to slow the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Under the order from Mayor Michael Hancock, businesses that are not considered “essential” must be closed until at least April 10.

The closures initially included liquor stores and recreational marijuana shops, but Hancock later amended the order to allow those businesses to remain open as long “extreme physical distancing” is in place. Residents flocked to liquor stores and marijuana dispensaries and queued in long lines shortly after Hancock issued the initial order.

States such as California, Illinois and New York have implemented “stay at home” orders to curb the coronavirus pandemic. These states have also deemed marijuana dispensaries as essential, thus allowing them to remain open along with other essential businesses such as pharmacies, banks, and grocery stores.

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