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Grower Develops First-Ever Hemp Plant That Has Zero THC

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By Associated Press

(AP) — Kentucky company GenCanna Global says it has developed hemp plants that don’t contain any THC, marijuana’s main psychoactive component.

The Courier Journal reports the announcement by GenCanna Global was hailed by the company and University of Kentucky researchers as a breakthrough in the global hemp industry.

GenCanna plans to patent their potentially trailblazing discovery.

“The overall goal of our industrial hemp research is to improve the quantity and efficiency of CBD production, as well as production of other valuable non-THC cannabinoids in hemp varieties optimized for Kentucky,” said agronomy professor David Hildebrand.

State growers and processors have struggled to keep trace amounts of THC out of natural variations of hemp plants, which are used to produce CBD oil and other products.

The federal 2018 Farm Bill signed into law in December 2018 removed industrial hemp from the Controlled Substances Act. But it didn’t change the legal THC standard, requiring the state agricultural department to destroy hemp plants with more than 0.3% THC.

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