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State Investigating Restaurant That “Calmed” Lobsters with Marijuana

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(AP) — State health inspectors are investigating a Maine lobster restaurant that was “sedating” lobsters with marijuana smoke to make their deaths less traumatic.

The Portland Press Herald reports Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound in Southwest Harbor remains open but has stopped allowing customers to request meat from lobsters sedated with marijuana. Owner Charlotte Gill is a state-licensed medical marijuana caregiver.

“These are important issues and ones that can also benefit not only the lobster, but the industry as well,” said Gill. “Truly we are not trying to go against (the state’s) wishes and would love to work with them in order for us all to make this world a kinder place.”

Maine Department of Health and Human Services spokeswoman Emily Spencer wouldn’t say whether the state had asked Gill to halt such sales.

“The process is for the physical comfort of the lobster, not the consumer,” Gill said on her Facebook page.

It’s unknown whether marijuana smoke actually calms lobsters or has any effect on their meat.

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