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Trend Reveals Consumers Are Switching to Non-Smokable Marijuana

Nonsmokable Marijuana

Marijuana users across the U.S. are starting to prefer non-smokable forms of marijuana over the traditional dry flower. Edibles and vape pens are selling at higher rates throughout the country. These forms, according to consumer opinions, are a more potent and healthier way to use marijuana.

“The actual old-school smoking of cannabis is pretty much out the door,” the co-owner of an Oregon dispensary told USA Today.

In Oregon, flower sales dropped from 51% to 44% in just one year. California recently legalized recreational marijuana yet flower sales have already dropped 3%. In 2017, Colorado’s flower sales were 67% of the state’s total sales. But, in 2018, flower sales are already down to just 44% of the overall sales. Meanwhile, concentrate sales have doubled to 31%.

A recent report released in the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System survey shows that Colorado marijuana consumers have increased their use of non-smokable forms of marijuana from 35.2% to 40.4% from 2016 to 2017.

Oregon’s flower prices have dropped, but that isn’t deterring marijuana consumers from spending more for non-smokable options. Consumers note the quality testing on the branded products as being attractive.

The trend is expected to continue as the stigma associated with marijuana continues to decline nationwide.

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