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Marijuana for Back Relief

Chronic Pain

Marijuana provides wonderful all-natural, non-addictive back pain relief.

Is marijuana your answer to chronic back pain? It could be, but first let’s look at the facts: Chronic back pain is a worldwide pandemic, especially in view of aging populations in the industrialized nations. It may shock you to learn that in Europe, chronic back pain of a disabling nature attacks more than 25% of seniors, while 50% of elderly Aussies down under suffer from persistent back and muscle pain, and up to 80% suffer chronic back pain in nursing homes. In 2005 ABC News did a US poll that revealed 38,000,000 adults suffer chronic pain, and 12,000,000 have used marijuana to treat this pain.

So how can marijuana help you manage your chronic back pain?

New scientific research which has discovered three interesting groups of cannabinoids in marijuana. The first is the naturally occurring 21-carbon terpenophenolic compounds or phytocannabinoids, found only in the Cannabis genus, marijuana.
The second group is the most powerful and most well known chronic back pain reliever called Delta9-tetrahydrocannibinal (THC).
The third group comes from whole marijuana preparations and extracts and it’s interesting to note Delta9’s pain relief activity is boosted by these other phytocannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD), marijuana oils and flavonoids. The exciting truth is all of these 3 groups work together to help manage chronic back pain and the wrath of inflammatory dis-ease in the world today, something “synthetic” drugs can never hope to duplicate.

Yet despite the exhaustive scientific evidence, marijuana is still not medically recognized by Western medicine as a clinical solution for chronic back pain. Why?!The simple answer to that is because all the clinical studies for back pain and inflammation were carried out using only the “synthetic” versions of marijuana’s cannabinoids and they can barely beat a placebo (sugar pill).

In fact only recently have the true mechanisms for marijuana’s natural ability to alleviate chronic back pain been identified. As it turns out the human genome (all the genetic material in your body) is rich with natural “cannabinoid receptors.” This is evident throughout the Central Nervous System (CNS), and spinal cord, as well as your peripheral (outermost) nervous system.
What leading medical researchers have discovered about marijuana’s natural ability to help relieve chronic pain and heal inflammation is nothing short of amazing. Due to the abundant receptor sites in nerve cells throughout your body, the outer (peripheral) and inner (CNS) nervous systems work together, to use marijuana plant cannabinoids synergistically, to suppress both chronic back pain and inflammation.

Bottom line is marijuana’s natural plant nutrients work safely and effectively to help you manage chronic back pain and helps to support your immune system by regulating inflammation.

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~The Botanical Guru

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