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Marijuana for Migraines

Marijuana For Migraines

Marijuana provides amazing relief from migraines.

The science is in and the evidence revealing! According to the Mayo clinic and other leading health experts, cannabinoids, the active medicinal ingredients in marijuana, have been shown to reduce chronic pain associated with a variety of conditions, such as debilitating, chronic and painful migraines. Marijuana’s potent cannabinoids have been used successfully in patients for whom other pain relief medications are not working. The fact is the active cannabinoids in marijuana exert their amazing effects on your central nervous system and immune cells.

A new study reveals cannabinoids improve efficiency of mitochondria and help remove damaged brain cells. Due to this combined effect, marijuana shows promise for chronic migraine suffers. Because of marijuana’s natural activation of the brain’s cannabinoid system, it triggers the release of powerful antioxidants, which help reduce stress, inflammation and manage pain for chronic migraine sufferers. Migraine pain is typically triggered by inflammation and stress due to toxins, which cannabinoids help clean up.

This beneficial action of marijuana helps remove damaged cells and improves the efficiency of the mitochondria. Mitochondria are the “energy centers” that live inside every cell, and when your cellular energy levels drop, pain, inflammation and migraines are a direct result.

This new study published in “Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society,” sheds light on how natural marijuana cannabinoids stop brain inflammation responsible for causing the cognitive decline, neural failure and brain inflammation often associated with chronic migraine pain. The human brain is a vast natural network of natural cannabinoid receptors with the sole function of regulating the nervous system function. Marijuana activates these special cannabinoid receptors (endocannabinoids) produced by the body.

Bottom line is your entire body; its immune and regenerative systems function best when activated by marijuana’s healing phytocannabinoids. This synergistic molecular dance between your cells receptors and marijuana’s phytocannabinoids is a naturally safe way to manage pain and the inflammation associated with painful and even chronic migraines.

~The Botanical Guru

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