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Arizonans Bought $1.4 Billion of Marijuana in 2021

Arizona Adult-Use Marijuana Market

Arizonans spent over $1.4 billion on marijuana in 2021.

The Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) reported that the state’s recreational market accounted for nearly $650 million while medical sales accounted for $758 million, AZ Mirror reported.

In December 2021, adult-use cannabis sales topped medical for only the second time, with the recreational market seeing nearly $67 million in sales compared to $53 million for medical. December also marked the third month in a row that adult-use sales set a record for the new industry, beating the $64 million sold in November.

Prop 207 was approved by voters in 2020 and legalized the use of marijuana for adults and provides taxes collected on the sales. One-third goes to community colleges, 31% to public safety (police, fire departments, first responders), 25% to the state’s Highway User Revenue Fund, and 10% to the justice reinvestment fund that is dedicated to providing public health services, counseling, job training and other social services for communities that have been adversely affected and disproportionately impacted by cannabis arrests and criminalization.

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