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Chef Greenspoon - Premium Marijuana Medibles

Chef Greenspoon

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The Chef’s philosophy on making and consuming edibles is simple: ¬†a) Ingest the flower, not the plant matter b) slow and low is the best¬†method for infusion, and c) If you want to really learn about what YOU need to medicate then you need to be consistent in your production¬†methods and ratios of medicine to fat.

In Chef Greenspoon’s kitchen, fat is the delivery method. ¬†Other infusionists use¬†butane, CO2, Alcohol and Hash as the delivery method which are all currently in a legal grey area in AZ. ¬†Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Refined Coconut oil and Clarified Butter are Chef Greenspoon’s favorites methods. ¬†Every day, Chef Greenspoon has cookies, puffed rice treats, cereal mix, coco cereal poofs, peanut butter/chocolate cups, mellow mallow¬†chocolates, and many other items depending on what he is in the mood to cook,¬†available¬†for member patients.

Twice a month, Chef Greenspoon teaches a class for marijuana patients about how to infuse into food and cooking technique that can be used for making medibles. All class participants go home with a bag of edibles that are fresh, tasty and (Very) well medicated.

Check out Chef Alan Greenspoon on his Facebook page or follow him on Twitter @chefgreenspoon for class updates and other info.

Looking for an executive chef for your marijuana business? Need help developing a custom medible brand? Contact Chef Greenspoon today!