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Chef Greenspoon - Premium Marijuana Medibles

Chef Greenspoon

Twitter: @chefgreenspoon

Facebook: Facebook.com/chefgreenspoon

The Chef’s philosophy on making and consuming edibles is simple:  a) Ingest the flower, not the plant matter b) slow and low is the best method for infusion, and c) If you want to really learn about what YOU need to medicate then you need to be consistent in your production methods and ratios of medicine to fat.

In Chef Greenspoon’s kitchen, fat is the delivery method.  Other infusionists use butane, CO2, Alcohol and Hash as the delivery method which are all currently in a legal grey area in AZ.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Refined Coconut oil and Clarified Butter are Chef Greenspoon’s favorites methods.  Every day, Chef Greenspoon has cookies, puffed rice treats, cereal mix, coco cereal poofs, peanut butter/chocolate cups, mellow mallow chocolates, and many other items depending on what he is in the mood to cook, available for member patients.

Twice a month, Chef Greenspoon teaches a class for marijuana patients about how to infuse into food and cooking technique that can be used for making medibles. All class participants go home with a bag of edibles that are fresh, tasty and (Very) well medicated.

Check out Chef Alan Greenspoon on his Facebook page or follow him on Twitter @chefgreenspoon for class updates and other info.

Looking for an executive chef for your marijuana business? Need help developing a custom medible brand? Contact Chef Greenspoon today!