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Bongs and Pipes

Crystal Voyager Ceramic Pipe

Marijuana Product Review

Ceramic Pipe

Take an elevated voyage with the Crystal Voyager Ceramic Pipe by Summerland.

This unique pipe resembles a fragmented shard from a crystal or emerald. It is crafted from a lead-free, food-safe ceramic glaze, making it very durable.

The simplistic and modern style will certainly make this eggshell white pipe a perfect addition to your pipe collection.

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Mini Glass and Wood One Hitter Pipe

Marijuana Product Review

Wood One Hitter Pipe

This conveniently tiny and classy one hitter pipe can travel anywhere with you.

This mini glass and wood one hitter pipe hails from the skilled artisans at Elevate Accessories in Denver, CO, who are known for their craftsmanship and pristine designs. The small size of the pipe allows for easy carrying in any pocket, purse or bag. It is also very easy to clean.

Handcrafted with beautiful aesthetics, functionality, and durability, this high-end one hitter is second-to-none. The one hitter is made from the finest tropical wood, such as Amboyna Burl, Verawood, Wild Olive, and Katalox.

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Grav Labs Bubbler

Marijuana Product Review


This bubbler by Grav Labs is a sleek powerhouse.

This 5 inch bubbler proves that good things do come in small packages.

Made from high-grade borosilicate glass, this futuristic-looking bubbler is designed for smooth, filtered hits. Grav Labs designed this bubbler with a built-in bowl, sturdy base, and their patented ‘x’ cut style slit fixed downstem.

This Grav Labs bubbler is perfect for anyone that wants a portable, lasting, simple, water-ready pipe. The bubbler comes in 6 color options.

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The Chongo Ceramic Bong

Marijuana Product Review

Ceramic Bong

The Chongo is minimal, sleek, and deserves a place on your mantel.

The Chongo ceramic bong by Summerland with its pure white ceramic design and classic shape make it a timeless piece for the distinguished toker. The 12-inch bong is a smooth-hitting and beautiful bong that is perfect for any connoisseur.

Every Summerland smoking device comes with high-grade silicone grommets that are durable and easy to clean.

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Wood Dugout Kit with Glass One Hitter

Marijuana Product Review

One Hitter Wood Dugout

If you’re a traveler this wood dugout with a glass one-hitter pipe by Denver-based Elevate Accessories will be your favorite traveling companion.

Handcrafted with both aesthetics and durability as priorities, this wood dugout includes a stash storage for herbs and a beautiful glass one-hitter.

This fancy wood dugout and glass one-hitter pipe by Elevate Accessories is design for life. That is why the company’s website says, “We design and create heirloom-quality smoking accessories that are made to last a lifetime.”

Multiple color options available.

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Mini Glass Taster Pipe

Marijuana Product Review


This taster pipe is only 3 inches in length and features an inside out frit on fumed borosilicate glass.

Frit is a technique using crushed glass for a speckled effect within the finished piece. Inside out glass pipes have a thick layer of clear glass that magnifies and absorbs color and creates unique, gorgeous and ethereal effects.

The fumed glass creates a color-changing effect as it changes color over time with heat and buildup, so your taster pipe’s look will evolve as you use it.

Thorough cleaning will return it to its original hues, so you can watch it slowly change all over again!

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Black Leaf’s 3-Arm Perc Ice Bong

Marijuana Product Review


Check out this strong, yet smooth-hitting bong!

The 3-arm and ashcatcher functions of Black Leaf’s Perc Ice Bong will let you smoke in peace while keeping your bong nice and clean. Enjoy getting medicated in style.

The curvy silhouette and blue glass accents make this percolator ice bong from Black Leaf a beautiful piece of glass art to have in your home. It features a clear 3-arm tree perc for diffusion and is equipped with blue colored ice notches for smooth, cool smoke.

This bong comes complete with an 18.8mm diffuser downpipe and a blue glass ashcatcher that keeps ash and debris out of your bong water!

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Oregon Collective Mini Glass Bubbler

Marijuana Product Review

Mini Bubbler

It’s small, but it packs a punch!

This high-quality borosilicate glass mini bubbler is only 5.5 inches tall, but can perform like a full-size bubbler.

The built-in showerhead diffuser downstem breaks up the smoke and gently cools it down for smooth but powerful hits.

The mouthpiece on this rig is slightly bent backward, which enables use in a more comfortable position. It is also equipped with a splashguard, which prevents water from escaping the bubbler and splashing into the mouthpiece.

Each mini bubbler is individually handmade by glass artists in an Oregon collective.

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Grace Glass Ice Bong with Spiral Perc

Marijuana Product Review

Grace Glass Bong

If you like high-quality and high-functionality in your bongs, then you’ll love the Grace Glass ice bong with a spiral perc system.

This Grace Glass bong features a detachable, slitted diffuser downstem and a green bowl with a clear glass handle. There is also a slitted splashguard to prevent water from splashing and ice notches to hold a few cubes that certainly cool down smoke.

The ice bong is made of durable borosilicate glass, has a 18.8mm joint size, and has a 11cm downstem. It is 15 inch in height and is made of 5mm thick glass.

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PypTek Prometheus Nano

Marijuana Product Review

PypTek Prometheus Nano

The Prometheus Nano by Pyptek is an awesome portable one hitter pipe assembled in Denver, Colorado.

It is made of a solid borosilicate glass core that ensures maximum untainted flavor and an anodized aluminium shell that covers the glass core. The shell is constructed from aerospace grade 6061 aluminium.

The pipe measures 4.1 inches in length and is available in 5 colors (black, green, purple, blue, and red).

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