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Vegamatrix Nutrients

Dan Kingston

Vegamatrix Grow

Learn How to Grow Marijuana

Vegamatrix nutrients are designed by Kyle Kushman, an internationally renowned master marijuana cultivator and winner of multiple High Times Cannabis Cup medals.

Vegamatrix cultivation nutrients are over 95% natural and organic, and containing only the required amounts of natural minerals to provide superior growth. Extensive testing created the blend of organic materials, naturally mined minerals, and just enough synthetic minerals to provide explosive growth.

Combining sophisticated chemistry with homogenization and fermentation, Vegamatrix has created superior veganic plant nutrients. Veganic simply means no animal-derived products are used and the nutrients rely on proprietary formulations of fermented plant solubles for their nutritive power.

 should I grow indoors or outdoors in Arizona?

Get this question a lot. It’s a novice question but I get it asked a lot. So, I’ll chime in with my two pennies. Keep in mind, this is my personal opinion and I measure the benefits and disadvantages of both. You decide what is best for you.

First, growing indoors gives the grower the most control over the environment. The more control you have over the growing envionment, the more control you have over the quality and time of harvest of the bud. This way, growers can harvest plants anytme of year. Whereas, when growing outdoors, you can only harvest once a year in the fall. When growing indoor you can also get more light to the plant than is available outdoor. This will help the plants grow quicker and yeild more.

Typically, growing indoor with a hydroponics system and some nice grow lights is by far the best way to go.  However, the lights are expensive. Not cheap by any means. Not to mention you will want a well ventilated area with a sizable hydroponics system. For a few reasons. Your basic hydro setup is a controlled and stable system that can be custom outfitted to the amount of bud you are trying to produce, the confinements of the area you are working in, controls the ph levels, recycles nutrients and overall growing marijuana indoors is like boot camp for your buds.

If you dont know what a hydroponics system is, well, take a look at the picture below.

The only downside to Hydroponics is the cost. Consider the building or grow shed or greenhouse or whatever. The horticulturalist expense if you are a novice. The hyrdoponic system setup, the electricity and probably the most expensive of the system is the lights. They are not your everday HomeDepot flourescent bulbs. In the end, you have much more bud, sooner and of a higher quality.

 Growing Outdoors? In Arizona? Eh, probably not the best idea. For one thing, the soil blows. Not much nutrients for plants like Marijuana to grow. Places like Northern Cali, Canada and even Columbia are known for bustling outdoor marijuana farms because the soil is rich, weather is good and rain is fairly common when compared to the dry desert climate of Arizona.  Just need some seeds and water, shovel and some clippers.Now in some areas of Arizona, it would be possible to flower a decent harvest but ask anyone in the California Medical marijuana district and outdoor farms are not the prime choice for growers trying to get multiple harvests a year of consistent nugs. Medical Marijuana in Arizona is now legal, therefore quality is what will count; not quantity.