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RAW Hemp Rolling Papers Review

New Medical Marijuana Dispensary Phoenix Arizona

Hemp is an amazingly useful plant. It is sometimes referred to as the “wonder plant.” Imagine smoking your favorite herb (or tobacco), with the smooth touch of raw hemp papers, all while saving your lungs and being ecologically sound.

Hemp saves trees and provides a superior smoking experience without the harsh acid taste and chemical residue found in most white papers. For every acre of hemp grown to produce raw, natural, unrefined hemp rolling papers, more than 4 acres of trees are saved for the future.

Improve our environment and your smoking experience with these all natural, additive free, 100% vegan and organic, RAW hemp fiber rolling papers that are made with natural hemp-based gum. You will receive 33 light, clean and smooth tasting tree-free leaves per pack. A wholesale box contains 25 packs, which is often a best seller, especially for your medicinal smokers and purists.

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The Kasher Review

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Arizona

Are you ready to accessorize your lighters? The Kasher is here to help out. The Kasher is a bowl poker that cleverly slips onto any average-sized BIC lighter. So throw away your dirty paperclip bowl poker because all you need from now on is a Kasher on your lighter.

The sleek looking Kasher is made of stainless steel with a laser engraving. It is easy to clean and can be reused for years. Get custom engravings on your Kasher for personalization. With the Kasher you can have a bowl poker with you wherever you go. And they cost only a few bucks, so give them away as gifts to friends and family.

Purchase a Kasher at

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The Kashtray (ashtray) Review

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Arizona

Every medical marijuana smoker has had to cashout a bowl at sometime in their life. Often times it consists of reusing a nasty paperclip as a prodding object to clean out the cashed bowl. Well no more! Now you can save those paperclips because we at came across the Kashtray, an ashtray with a metal spike sticking out the center of the ashtray as a permanent bowl poker.

The durable ceramic-built Kashtray comes in one size and in multiple colors. The metal prodding spike is similar to the tip of a restaurant’s ticket holder spike. When your bowl is cashed, just gently rub the bowl over the Kashtray’s spike and let the gross ash and junk fall out into the ashtray part of the Kashtray. To clean the Kashtray, just rinse it out in the sink and it’s ready to use again. It’s that simple.

All medical marijuana smokers need a Kashtray to keep their homes and smoking areas clean and looking stylish.

Purchase your Kashtray at .

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Jware’s Pre-Rolled Joint Papers Review

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Arizona

Have you ever had trouble with rolling a nice medical marijuana joint? We know we’ve had that problem a time or two.

Thanks to Jware, no one has to roll their own joint again. Jware has produced pre-rolled joint papers that come in different sizes and are packaged in different quantities. These papers are made with an odorless and harmless glue to keep your lunges contaminant-free. You can even get your own logo or name printed on the pre-rolled papers by Jware. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

So now that preparing a joint is nice and simplified, you can enjoy smoking a medical marijuana joint more often.

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Medical Marijuana Ashtray Review

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Arizona

Every medical marijuana patient needs an ashtray at sometime in their life. Now the politically correct ashtray is here!

With its green, yellow, and red colors, the Medical Marijuana Ashtray is a standout piece you must include on your coffee table.  Along with its wonderful colors, it has a marijuana leaf on top of a red medical cross on the base of the ashtray.  Like Keebler cookies, these ashtrays are amazing and might be made by little (medical marijuana patient) elves that live in a tree.  Also, we at’s review panel assume these ashtrays are made of durable materials (and with medical marijuana empowerment) which should produce an ashtray that is sure to last.

Hide no more!  Let everyone of your Arizona house guests know your pride and passion for Arizona medical marijuana with the addition of the Medical Marijuana Ashtray on your coffee table.  Purchase a medical marijuana ashtray at

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Royal Blunts Purple Haze Easy Roll Blunt Papers

Best Marijuana Dispensary in Phoenix Arizona

Purple Haze Blunt PapersThe Royal Blunts Easy Roll Tubes are smooth smoking, long burning rolling paper wraps that are nestled around a tube, ready to be stuffed with your favorite medication. You can buy them individually or in a box of 25 individually wrapper papers. The easy roll tubes are great for convenience and ease of use.

For a flavored blunt, these taste pretty good. Not overwhelming, but still a nice flavor.

Zig-Zag Rolling Papers

Marijuana Product Review

Zig-zag Rolling PapersMost people, when asked what the first brand of joint rolling paper that comes in to their mind, would reply Zig Zag. Almost all of us have smoked a joint rolled in a Zig-Zag at one time or another. These papers have remained an icon in smoking culture for a reason: No fancy stuff, they are just good papers.

For this review, we chose the classic, 1 1/4″ Zig Zag Papers. These papers burn nice and clean. When rolled properly they burn evenly almost every smoke.

Useless Zig-Zag history fact:

The packages feature the famous Zouave symbol. Zouaves are soldiers from a special infantry regiment. During their battles, Zouaves would climb rocky cliffs to surprise the enemy and use their artillery against them.

As the story goes, one of the Zouaves had broken his smoking pipe during battle. He had the brilliant idea of using his gun powder back material to roll up his tobacco and smoke it, thus creating the first cigarette rolling paper! That is the reason the Zig Zag symbol is so popular in today’s culture.





Hempire Rolling Papers

Marijuana Doctors

Hempire Rolling PapersThe Hempire rolling papers were nice. Our joints burned smooth and the don’t add any taste to the spliff. Better yet, they are eco-friendly. Hempire uses natural gum extracted from the rubber plant and is free of tree material.

A natural paper that burns well? Now you are being eco-friendly while medicating!

You can find more info about all the Hempire products at