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The Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser

Marijuana Product Review

Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser

Say goodbye to unpredictable, meticulous stovetop-made cannabutter and cannabis oil because we’ve found the latest and greatest way for you to make edibles: The Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser!

If you love edibles, then you’re going to love making your own edibles with the Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser. In just 45 minutes you can consistently make cannabutter or cannabis oil to put in, or on, your favorite foods. And it gets better because you can even determine the exact potency that you desire.

The Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser is easy to use with its pre-sets. Simply place your food base (butter, oil, honey, etc.) and herb into the Infuser, and push the pre-set button to begin cooking. When cooking is complete, strain the infusion with the provided equipment, and your finished product is ready for making edibles.  Then, simply wash the inside of the Infuser and you’re ready to cook again.

Making edibles for large or small parties has never been so easy!

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The 710 Cleaner

Marijuana Product Review

710 Cleaner

If you’re an avid smoker, then you know all to well how a bong or pipe can quickly become dirty with residue. Well we found the perfect solution to this problem: the 710-Cleaner!

The 710-Cleaner’s patented design can clean just about any surface on contact when it is heated, and there is no need for soaking or scrubbing. The 710-Cleaner works on glass, pyrex, ceramic, metal, and plastic.

Simply pour a few ounces of 710-Cleaner into a cup and microwave it for 60 seconds. Then pour the heated 710-Cleaner liquid into a smoking apparatus (bong, pipe, etc.) and briefly shake till the apparatus is clean. Repeat this technique for heavy buildup.

The 710-Cleaner is also eco-friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic, medical grade, sterilizing, and deodorizing.

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The Marijuana Pint Glass

Marijuana Product Review

Marijuana Mug

If you like marijuana and liquids, then you’ll love this pint glass!

This pint glass features three marijuana leaves and holds up to a pint. The glass is durable and fashionable and a great conversation piece.

Make a statement with the marijuana pint glass by getting a set of six so that friends can enjoy them while hanging out at your place.

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BL Digital Pocket Scale 2000g

Marijuana Product Review

Scale Marijuana

Get table-top scale accuracy and ease of use in a smaller size with the 2K Digital Pocket Scale from BL.

This scale offers easy calibration, push-button tare facility, auto shut-off, as well as 0.01 gram accuracy for items weighing between 0.01 and 2000 grams.

The display has a blue backlit LCD display and is powered by two AAA batteries, which are included and easily replaceable. A protective Leatherette case is included and it all comes packaged in an attractive gift box.

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Black Leaf Aluminum Herb Grinder

Marijuana Product Review

Black Leaf Grinder

This 4-part aluminum grinder from Black Leaf has sharp, diamond-shaped teeth to grind up your marijuana, a pollen screen, and a kief catcher to filter and collect pollen dust.

The lid features the “BL” logo in white and is magnetized for a secure fit. The nylon friction ring ensures smooth grinding.

This grinder comes packaged in an attractive gift box with a clear lid and the Black Leaf logo. It’s ideal for storage or display, or to give as a gift to one lucky smoking buddy!

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The Easy Butter Maker

Marijuana Product Review

Easy Butter Maker

Do you like edibles? If so, get the Easy Butter Maker and you can start making butter for your own edibles!

The Easy Butter Maker is a durable, stainless steel butter making machine. It’s easy to use and easy to clean. Simply insert butter, water and marijuana and turn on the Easy Butter Maker. Then put the heated liquid butter into the freezer and let harden.

The hardened butter can be used in place of butter in nearly any recipe. So now you can easily make cookies, brownies, and other dishes for your friends and family. You’ll be the life of the party if you bring edibles to a gathering!

Each Easy Butter Maker comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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Marijuana Product Review

Zippo Collectible Brass Lighter Review

Marijuana Product Review

Zippo Lighter Marijuana

Since 1895 Zippo has celebrated nearly eight decades of milestones and in 2012 sold its 500,000,000th lighter. Isn’t it time you discover why millions of Zippo fans around the world are collecting, buying, selling, swapping and talking Zippo lighters every day?

Zippo remains a unique company dedicated to continuing to provide you with the high-quality lighter collectibles you have come to know and love. This authentic Zippo lighter with deluxe brass delivers all the signature features you would expect from a historic icon. Does your Zippo lighter have a 500 Million bottom stamp?

On June 5, 2012 Zippo celebrated the production of its 500 millionth lighter. Nearly 21,000 cases were randomly shuffled in with the regular production line. No special designation or special packaging was indicated giving customers the same chance of receiving a 500 Millionth bottom stamped lighter. Therefore, your deluxe brass Zippo lighter could be part of this exclusive commemoration making this Zippo lighter a collector item. Your deluxe brass Zippo lighter includes a marijuana leaf etching and is engraved with the phrase, “After all it’s only a weed that turns to a flower in your mind.”

Check the bottom of your deluxe brass Zippo lighter to see if it has this 500 Million bottom stamp.

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The Skunk Box

Dan Kingston

Skunk Box
Forget plastic bags and prescription bottles for your marijuana and upgrade to a Skunk Box humidor.

The Skunk Box is a marijuana connoisseur’s savior. This travel-sized humidor will increase the quality of your marijuana and will save you money because it allows your marijuana to stay fresher longer. It can also help to restore dried out marijuana.

This unique storage container is air-tight, odorless, water-resistant, and utilizes the Boveda® 2-way humidity control system which allows for ideal storage conditions at all times.

The Skunk Box is made with African Mahogany and features a hygrometer with digital display on the outside lid.

The Skunk Box Deep Dish Humidor costs approximately $79 and comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. Buy one today!

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Marijuana Product Review

The SmoCAN Smoking System

Marijuana Product Review

Smocan Accessories

Perhaps the most MacGyver smoking accessory to hit the market in ages comes to you in the form of the SmoCan Smoking System.

The SmoCan is everything (literally everything) you would need for an on the spot sesh all rolled up in one stylish aluminum casing. Atop the SmoCan is a dugout designed to place your herbs next to a spring loaded quartz glass one hitter, a stainless steel poker, and even a spot to hold a miniature lighter. Below this you’ll find the grinder compartment with its diamond shaped teeth ideal for shredding the herb of your choosing.

If that wasn’t enough, it comes fully equipped with a pollen screen and kief catcher as well. The “If you were stuck on a deserted island” scenario really comes to mind with this one.

Buy one today!

Marijuana Product Review

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Cannabuds Incense Burner

Marijuana Product Review


Make sure your home always smells good!

The Cannabuds incense burners are hand painted, incredibly detailed, and made from a heat-resistant poly-resin compound.

Each Cannabuds incense burner is safely packaged in polystyrine and an attractive Cannabuds box, which this item an ideal gift!

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