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November, 2013

  • 6 November

    My Journey to Libertarianville

    I’ve always been a loud mouth. Even as a young boy, my mother would often say, “Someday, that mouth of yours ...

  • 4 November

    Know Your Legal Rights in Arizona

    I cringe to think how many times clients come into my office to discuss their criminal matter with me only to ...

October, 2013

June, 2013

July, 2012

  • 18 July

    Arizona Medical Marijuana Laws Summary

    Summary of the Arizona Department of Health Services’ Drafted Rules for the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program. • The law provides that ...

January, 2011

  • 7 January

    Arizona Marijuana Law Statistics

    Arizona Marijuana Laws The following is a summary of Arizona’s marijuana laws.  An experienced Arizona marijuana attorney can explain these laws further. ...