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Cannabis Ashtray Review

Ash in style from now on… If you’re tired of tapping your bowls out on random objects and appreciate a designated space for your joints and blunts to rest and resin up, you’ll love this colorful metal ashtray.

This red and black metal smoke station is more than 5 inches in diameter, big enough for the heftiest of spliffs or average pipes. The slogan reminds your guests to slow down and enjoy the benefits of living life to the last hit. This metal ash tray is ergonomically designed with 4 wide joint platforms, plus for less than $4 each, you can afford to set them all around to mark your designated smoking areas. The attractive colors capture the eye, so no one can miss the message to light up and enjoy.

This big ashtray will attract smokers from all over to come enjoy your smoking hang out spot. Keep clean, get your ashtray today!

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