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Legalize Marijuana AZ Donation

Legalize Marijuana AZ Donate

Legalize Marijuana AZ

Help Legalize Marijuana In Arizona.

A marijuana advocacy group’s initiative is attempting to legalize marijuana for adult-use in Arizona in 2016. The initiative is based on┬áColorado’s voter-approved recreational marijuana program that taxes and regulates marijuana for adults 21 years of age and older.

An affiliate of the initiative said the group has formed a “diverse coalition” to assist with drafting the initiative’s language. He also stated that marijuana advocates are closely watching Colorado’s recreational marijuana program to determine what should and shouldn’t be replicated in Arizona. Colorado’s marijuana program allows a┬álimited number of medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries to operate and has heavy oversight┬áto regulate the industry.

The marijuana advocacy group said it will pursue legalizing marijuana in Arizona in 2016 because such initiatives are more successful during presidential elections, which is when more voters visit the polls.

As of this writing there are over 65,000 Arizonans that have medical marijuana cards which allow them to legally purchase and use medical marijuana. Many more people are expected to become cardholders as more dispensaries open every month making access to medicine much more convenient.

As seen in Colorado and Washington, the legalization of marijuana can generate new marijuana jobs, tax revenue for public programs, create social and health benefits, and more.

Support our efforts to help legalize marijuana in Arizona in 2016 by making a contribution below.

Make a contribution today if you support regulated legalization.


Legalize Marijuana AZ Donation
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