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43% of Alcohol Consumers Also Use Marijuana

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An evolving interaction between the alcohol and cannabis markets and their consumers is becoming an increasingly important topic for the future of the alcohol and cannabis industries worldwide.

Looking into recent consumer behavior, BDSA’s study found that 43% of alcohol consumers also consume marijuana, while 68% of marijuana consumers also consume alcohol.

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“This dual usage is largely driven by the fact that many reasons people consume cannabis are mutually exclusive from reasons they drink alcohol,” said BDSA. “People might consume cannabis to deal with an injury, a situation where they’d likely never turn to alcohol. On the other hand, there are times cannabis is a substitute for alcohol; on a Friday night hanging out with a couple of friends, consumers might choose an edible over a beer.”

Most consumers haven’t revised their alcohol consumption because of their cannabis consumption.

The craft beer market is currently the most insulated, with 69% of consumers saying they haven’t cut back on drinking craft beer due to cannabis legalization.

For now, it is still more common for higher energy circumstances — such as concerts, parties and clubs — to involve alcohol while cannabis is for lower energy events such as watching movies and recovering from higher energy events.

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