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8 Great Foods for Enjoying the Munchies


Everybody tends to get the munchies – to a certain degree – when they use marijuana. Fortunately, there are many delicious options to satiate the hunger. Here are 8 great options for satisfying your munchies:

  1. Pizza Rolls – Faster than ordering or baking a pizza, these microwaveable mini pizzas are ready in minutes. Get wild and add toppings to the rolls; cheddar, tomatoes, olives, jalapenos or whatever toppings you have on hand. Also, ranch and sour cream can make for great dippers.
  2. Fruit –Fruit is sweet and juicy. When your mouth feels like it’s stuffed full of cotton balls – head for the fruit. It is watery and sugary, making for a delicious way to satisfy the munchies.
  3. Krispy Treats – Now, you can make these yourself and use whatever crispy cereal you have in the pantry or buy them already made. Here’s what you may not have tried yet: krispy treat sandwiches. Cut them in half, fill them with peanut butter, marshmallow fluff and chocolate chips (or your favorite candy and caramel).
  4. Cheese and Crackers – Everybody loves perfectly salty and delicious cheese when stoned. Add some salty crackers and you’re in for an amazing night of munching! If you’re really in a pinch and want a grilled cheese, this will work, just stay in the kitchen and watch your sandwich while it cooks.
  5. Popcorn – For a slightly healthier option, consider making a bag of microwave popcorn and adding your own spice blend to it. Popcorn is rather healthy option, when not dripping in butter or slathered with chocolate and caramel. Make any flavor combination you wish: spicy, sweet, salty, or a combination of those. It can also become a quick trail mix tossed with anything you’ve got hiding in the snack cupboard.
  6. Nachos – Because nachos can be anything you want them to be. Topped with pizza toppings, leftover taco fixings, just cheese, sandwich ingredients – anything your heart desires can become nachos. Have you tried cookie nachos?? Tortilla chips topped with cookie dough with chocolate sauce, cherries and whipped cream.
  7. Fried Chicken and Fries – Greasy food is always a popular option for the munchies. Hit the store before settling in for the night. Sandwiches, tacos and pizzas are also fantastic for satisfying the munchies.
  8. Cookies or Oreos – Cookies and Oreos tackle the craving for something sweet with that tiny hint of salt. With so many flavors available, the hardest choice will be which flavor to choose! Want cookies and ice cream? Crush the cookies or Oreos and put them on your favorite ice cream!

Happy munching!


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