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Actor Morgan Freeman Agrees Marijuana is “Safer Than Alcohol”

Morgan Freeman Marijuana Legalization

Morgan Freeman recently sat down with Larry King for an interview. The two discussed their views on marijuana. It seems that both men are in support of marijuana legalization, according to the story reported by Raw Story.

Freeman stated that he is not really a “connoisseur” of marijuana. Although, he did say: “I don’t know what strains are” but “if you have some good smoke and you [offer it], then, yeah.”

King asked Freeman if he thought marijuana should be legal. Freeman’s response was, “It has to be. They can’t continue to say that it’s a dangerous drug when it’s safer than alcohol.”

In response, King remarked, “A lot safer.”

Morgan Freeman has been a long-time supporter of legalizing marijuana across the board. He has openly stated that he has used marijuana to help relieve the pain from his fibromyalgia, commenting that it was the only thing that really helped.


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