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Boulder County Dismissing and Sealing Past Marijuana Convictions


It’s been 6 years since Colorado legalized recreational marijuana. Boulder County prosecutors are now beginning to dismiss and seal thousands of marijuana possession convictions as part of the “Moving on from Marijuana” program.

The Boulder County District Attorney’s Office stated that there are about 4,000 cases that qualify for dismissal and sealing, Colorado Public Radio reported. Some of the convictions date as far back as 2008. Colorado lawmakers passed legislation in 2017 that permitted misdemeanor marijuana use or possession offenders to request the conviction to be sealed

In January, those that have had a marijuana possession conviction will be able to attend a clinic to request their case be reviewed for dismissal and sealing. Those that have had their lives impacted the most will be given priority when it comes to dismissing and sealing these records.

The Assistant District Attorney Ken Kupfner says it’s “fundamental fairness” to take these steps since marijuana is now legal in Colorado.

“We want to help people whose convictions are having the greatest impact first,” Kupfner said. “It could span everything from jobs to potential housing to educational opportunities. Anytime someone has a conviction, even for marijuana, it still shows up as a conviction.”

Those that will qualify for this program must have convictions of possession of less than two ounces or the combination of one ounce and paraphernalia. Trafficking and other drug-related offenses are not eligible.

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