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Drone Marijuana Delivery Service Coming Soon

Marijuana Drone Delivery

Eaze provides marijuana delivery service throughout California, excluding Los Angeles, where it is prohibited. At the San Bernardino High Times Cannabis Cup, the innovative marijuana tech company gave a demonstration of drone delivery services. While the technology is ready, Eaze has not provided a launch date for their drone delivery service.

The presentation was titled “Drone Lifted Experience,” LA Weekly reports. Although L.A. prohibits marijuana delivery, Measure M was recently passed to allow delivery service. The framework for the service still has to be established.

Quite a bit of support is already shown for the drone delivery service. Delivery persons carrying both marijuana and cash are targets for robberies, so drone delivery would be much safer.

Sheena Shiravi of Eaze said, “The biggest takeaway from the demonstration is how technology is moving the industry forward. It’s not that far away. We really want to showcase the power of technology in this industry and help regulators understand it.”

Daniel Yi of MedMen said, “These are exciting times for the cannabis industry. As marijuana becomes more mainstream, we expect to see all kinds of innovations in the sector. That’s the beauty of opening up the space to legitimate commerce. You invite creative minds from other sectors to apply their ideas into this space. Whether any single innovation sticks will be up to consumers and regulators to decide, but ideas should always be welcome.”

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