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Edibles Become Legal for Sale at Oregon Dispensaries

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As of June 2nd, medical marijuana patients in Oregon are finally able to purchase edibles from dispensaries. The state regulations in Oregon are rather rigid, so edible makers have had to take extra precautions to ensure that all products meet the regulations.

Edible marijuana products carried by Shango Premium Cannabis can have up to 15mg THC each, KOIN 6 News reports. Some lawmakers are attempting to get a THC cap on edibles at 5mg each. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission may make that change when it takes the program over in January 2017.

Shango spokesperson Morgan McKee says, “It’s hitting a moving target for sure, trying to nail down exact doses.”

Edible manufacturers must also use creativity when packaging the items as they cannot resemble anything that would make a child think it is okay for them to consume.

In terms of consumption, it is best to wait 90 minutes to 4 hours after ingesting a 15mg dose of THC from edibles before consuming any other type of marijuana product.

McKee also says, “A lot of people think it has to do with body weight or it has to do with how much you smoke. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with those things. We’ll be encouraging people to take it slow.”

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