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Ex-Law Enforcement Officials Are Getting Marijuana Jobs

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Many people who used to wear badges, carry guns and arrest criminals have decided to trade hats and enter into the medical marijuana industry. Law enforcement officials from all ends of the spectrum – from cops to judges – see the benefits that medical marijuana has for chronically and terminally ill people.

17 former law enforcement officials have found positions in the Illinois medical marijuana industry, reports The Associated Press.

Some of those ex-law enforcement officials include:

  • Undercover narcotics agents
  • A former Fraternal Order of Police trustee
  • A former Chicago homicide detective
  • A Circuit Court judge
  • Secret Service senior executive

A majority of ex-law enforcement officials in the industry assist with security. Some are more involved taking on roles working with patients, growers and the business management. This isn’t happening just in Illinois, Denver and Seattle also have former badge-wearing and gun-toting officials working for them as well.

Pat Moen, a former DEA official of 10 years, states: “It’s been incredibly rewarding.”  Moen talked with over 100 former and current cops regarding a reconsideration of their career paths to perhaps sway them into making the switch too.

Ben Percy, general manager of Trinity Compassionate Care Center in Peoria, IL, said: “We took quite a bit of money, drugs and criminals off the road.”  Percy entered the medical marijuana industry following a 27-year long career with the Illinois State Police.

Another former member of the Illinois State Police, Scott Abbott, said “Who better would you want to oversee your compliance than a cop?”

Abbott, along with others formerly in law enforcement roles, agree that they are still doing the same thing, enforcing the law. In states where medical marijuana is legal, as long as the companies and patients follow the law, none of these retired or former officials have any problem with the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Even where marijuana is recreationally legal, as long as laws are followed, several have done an “about face” in terms of acceptance.

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