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Federal Marijuana Legalization Might Be on the Horizon

Marijuana Legalization USA

It is predicted that federal marijuana prohibition may end within the next 5 years. Several states, including Arizona, Massachusetts and California, are pushing for the issue of recreational legalization in the upcoming 2016 November elections. It is also predicted that legalization will win in these states.

Other states pushing for full legalization are Maine and Nevada. Rhode Island and Vermont may take things a step further and go through the legislative process for legalization.

Robert Kampia, head of the Marijuana Policy Project, spoke made the marijuana prohibition end prediction at the International Drug Reform Conference. Kampia also believes that Congress will likely be swayed to end prohibition based heavily upon the tax revenue that stems from marijuana sales.

It may be that 2017 is a big year for recreational legalization. That puts more pressure on Congress to really discuss the issue of prohibition and how much sense it really makes in today’s world. Kampia believes that by 2019, the states’ rights bill may just finally pass.

As originally reported in an article at, the states’ rights bill and Respect State Marijuana Laws Act of 2015 will not allow cannabis consumption to be legal everywhere. It would still only remain legal in the states that have approved use for medical and/or recreational use. It would merely stop federal enforcement of marijuana prohibition.

Once the issue is put directly into the face of the United States Congress, it will be hard to ignore. The increasing number of tax revenue as well as further education will bring an end to marijuana prohibition. It is just a matter of time, and many reform activists believe it is a shorter time frame than expected.

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