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Is Marijuana Becoming the Latest Workout Supplement?

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With more states becoming marijuana-friendly a growing trend is using a little marijuana before a workout. Some say that it helps with focus and recovery. Marijuana is also becoming popular for use before doing yoga.

“It’s a weird phenomenon, but it’s an increasingly common phenomenon. The fact that a lot of people are saying it helps them can’t be ignored,” Dr. Peter Grinspoon told the Boston Globe.

From amateur health enthusiasts to professional athletes, admissions of using marijuana before a workout or training exercise is increasing. Pro football player Martellus Bennett estimates that about 90% of NFL players use marijuana to help them recover from a physically demanding job despite the league’s ban of the substance..

Many claim that marijuana helps make long runs less monotonous, heightens the mind and helps achieve goals that were once unattainable. Founder of the 420 Games, Jim McAlpine, said, “I call it a social movement. I’ll look on Instagram, and people define themselves as kind of ‘cannabis athletes.’”

One MMA fighter said, “When you’re high and training, it feels to me that options that might not necessarily be there when you’re sober might show up. When I’m under the influence of cannabis and training, I find my game becomes more creative and less intentional.”

McAlpine said, “Athletes for all of time have tried to find an edge to make them faster or stronger. And there will be people rushing to try this once they realize it’s not going to hurt them.

The Massachusetts State Police has even had a little fun with the topic by tweeting, “Working out high is legal. Driving is not.”


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