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Marijuana Helps Athlete Run for 200 Miles, and Recover Faster

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One determined ultrarunner proved that marijuana does not make you lazy or unproductive, but it actually assists with exercise. After consuming marijuana, Avery Collins, successfully ran 200 miles.

The human body has an endocannabinoid system, so it is already wired to work with marijuana. Endocannabinoids regulate physiological functions like metabolism, energy, stress, mood, pain, appetite, and sleep.

The endogenous receptors, lipids, and enzymes in the body work with the THC in marijuana, Motherboard reports. Collins says that, “It’s pretty simple. I enjoy going on runs when I’m high.” He is an athlete, but does not use marijuana when competing, only while practicing and training.

Collins also stated that, “[Cannabis] helps me live right in the moment. It makes things very spiritual. You don’t think about anything except the run itself. I use it as a way to intensify and enhance the run. It makes the longevity of the runner’s high last longer because technically you’re already high.”

Collins also uses marijuana to help relieve sore muscles. Because runners are drug tested, Collins makes sure to stop using marijuana in enough time to pass the drug test so he can participate in his long endurance runs, which average 100 – 200 miles each.

While no scientific connection proves that using marijuana before a run improves performance, Collins benefits from its medicinal properties such as helping him sleep, recovering from sore muscles, training while sore and staying motivated to finish a training session.

Collins currently has three marijuana industry sponsors.

Collins concluded by saying, “Everybody likes to overanalyze it. I’m not looking for any kind of advantage. I like being high and going on runs. It’s fun, it’s freeing, and it’s a good opportunity to escape from the rest of the world.”



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