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Mexico’s Government Permits Group to Grow and Use Marijuana

Mexico Marijuana Legalization

Mexico, like the U.S., remains in marijuana prohibition status. But a group of four Mexicans who recently challenged the country’s marijuana laws and succeeded were provided with permits this month to grow and use marijuana. Only these four people are legally allowed to consume and grow within the entire country.

These four trailblazers wish to encourage the government that enforcing marijuana possession, use and growing laws costs the country necessary funds that could be used in fighting crime, including the ongoing war on drugs.

The Mexican Society for Responsible and Tolerant Personal Use believes that decriminalizing marijuana as a whole will help reduce violence from drug cartels.

With these permits, the four are legally allowed to: sow, grow, cultivate, harvest, transport, possess, and consume marijuana.

One of the odd provisions of these permits is that the individuals cannot make sales in front of children or pregnant women. The sales also cannot take place in the presence of anyone that disapproves.

Since it became public knowledge of the legal battle for these permits to be approved, an additional 155 more applications have been presented for approval. It is thought that those additional applications would be denied. The country’s laws regarding marijuana continue to be strict and enforceable.

Medical marijuana is on the table for discussion within the Mexican government, however, full legalization is not supported by a large majority of Mexican civilians.

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