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New Hampshire Issuing First Medical Marijuana Cards

New Hampshire Medical Marijuana Card

A terminal cancer patient in New Hampshire sued the state in order to obtain her medical marijuana card earlier than the state’s projected medical marijuana card issuance date. She succeeded and New Hampshire has begun issuing medical marijuana cards to patients. More than 100 applications have been accepted by the state.

Four dispensaries are expected to open throughout New Hampshire in 2016. Although no dispensaries are open yet, those with valid medical marijuana ID cards can purchase marijuana in some neighboring states; although, it is illegal to transport marijuana across any state lines. Those with New Hampshire medical marijuana cards can possess up to two ounces of medical marijuana, reports TBO.

The patient that sued for the ability to have her medical marijuana card early is Linda Horan. Linda is battling late-stage lung cancer. She argued with the court system for access to medical marijuana before dispensaries are open given that neighboring states do accept out-of-state patients. She was able to travel to Maine to obtain her medical marijuana.

This is not new legislation for New Hampshire. Legislation passed for legalized medical marijuana in 2013. The program has taken a great deal of time to get up and running. The last week of 2015 is when New Hampshire residents are able to legally possess medical marijuana as long as they are in possession of a valid ID card.

Given the seriousness of her health status, Horan won her court battle with the approval of the state’s Attorney General. The Attorney General advised the state to begin issuing medical marijuana ID cards prior to dispensaries opening.

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