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Initiative Attempting to Limit THC Level in Colorado’s Marijuana

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A new proposed ballot initiative is attempting to cap the THC percentage on dry flower and concentrates in Colorado.

The initiative would cap THC percentages to 15 or 16 percent for both dry flower and other marijuana products. Those in support of the cap state the reasoning as lawmakers taking a cautious approach until further research is conducted to view the effects of adolescent brain development, reports The Denver Post.

Representative Kathleen Conti said, “All the studies that have been done on THC levels have been done on THC levels between 2 and 8 percent. Most of the marijuana coming in now, the flowers are being rated at a THC count of about 17 percent on average, so this is dramatically over, and we really don’t know that we’ve gotten the true feel on the health risks associated with that marijuana.”

Other than members of the Republican Party, Smart Colorado is in support for the cap on THC counts. Smart Colorado member Henny Lasley said,” One of our legislative priorities for this year was to raise awareness of the high levels of THC in the marijuana products in our state. Concentrates are of course what are put into marijuana edibles and we have well over 300 of those food products, many, many of which are attractive to children.”

Marijuana businesses in violation of the proposed initiative would be subjected to heavy fines, loss of license and other penalties.

Those in opposition of the cap believe that it would hinder the marijuana industry and is unnecessary. Those wishing to support the cap on THC levels must sign a petition. The initiative must complete several hearings and obtain 98,492 signatures from registered Colorado voters.

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