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Poll: Over 33 Million Americans Use Marijuana Regularly

American Marijuana Use

A new Gallop poll shows that 13 percent of Americans – over 33 million people – currently use marijuana. This nearly doubles the numbers gathered in 2013’s poll, which showed only 7 percent marijuana use among U.S. adults. Many people conclude that the increased number is primarily due to the decreasing negative stigma surrounding marijuana.

Overall, national acceptance regarding marijuana use has stayed in the 55 – 60 percent range, according to The Washington Post. With the increased support and pressure from politicians, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has been asked to reschedule or deschedule marijuana. Some legislators are pushing for full legalization.

With the recent poll numbers from Gallup, it means about 43 percent of the American population use or have used marijuana. Compared to 5 decades ago, that is a 38 percent increase.

Statistics also show that there were at least 1,700 arrests daily occurring in 2014 due to marijuana possession, according to the FBI. Most of those arrests were for small possession, of less than one ounce.



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