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Researchers Find Cannabidiol (CBD) Can Heal Eczema

CBD Skin Care

Research conducted at the University of Colorado indicates that CBD is helpful in treating eczema and its associated symptoms, making it a viable alternative to commonly prescribed steroid medications. Researchers found that CBD’s anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties help topically calm eczema.

Lead researcher Dr. Robert Dellavalle said, “There’s a large segment of the population that doesn’t like using steroids, even if they are topical… CBD could be an alternative, natural product for them to try,” the Independent reports.  Now, “when we have somebody who has tried topical steroids or topical immune-modulators that suppress the immune system for psoriasis or eczema and they haven’t gotten completely better, there’s a potential of using this new therapy that might work in a different way and help them.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) has already indicated that CBD has no potential for harm or abuse. Several CBD clinical trials have shown positive results reducing symptoms of skin conditions. Researchers and doctors want to further study CBD but there are restrictions due to cannabis being a federally illegal substance.

Dr. Dellavale said, “The fact that it’s illegal at the federal level, but legal at the state level – it leads to a lot of complications in trying to do research on marijuana and its derivatives, all of the cannabinoids.”

Dermatology textbooks have referenced cannabinoids and their potential as anti-inflammatories, antimicrobials and anti-itch agents since the first textbooks were published. The first textbook of dermatologic therapeutics says, “a pill of cannabis indica at bedtime has at my hands sometimes afforded relief to the intolerable itching of eczema.”

The National Eczema Association said, “It has long been observed that cannabinoids possess anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anti-itch qualities.”

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