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Use Marijuana for Migraine Relief, Research Suggests

Migraine Marijuana

Migraines have always been hard to control and treat. But at the Congress of the European Academy of Neurology in Amsterdam, research that was introduced suggests that marijuana may help migraines.

A study used 48 chronic migraine sufferers to help researchers determine an ideal effective dose of THC for migraine treatment, according to Men’s Health. The THC was also combined with bedrolite, a sative-dominant marijuana strain characterized by less than 1% THC and 9% CBD. Various doses were tried and minor relief was achieved at 100mg.

A dose of 200mg was discovered to be the ideal therapeutic dose as it reduced the pain in 55-percent of its participants. For round two of the study, the patient base was increased to 79 migraine sufferers and 48 with cluster headaches. The effective dose of 200 mg THC/CBD was used in this group.

After three months, it was determined that the 200mg THC/CBD dose helped reduce headache attacks for migraine sufferers by 40.4-percent. Those given amitriptyline had 40.1-percent relief.

A peer review of the study will be conducted in the near future.

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