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Why You Should Consider Using Concentrated Marijuana

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These days, everything is digital and instantaneous. Old, analog technologies are being put on the backburner. It only takes a second to access information on a tablet or smartphone, and people are embracing technology advances left and right to help improve their lives. So it is no surprise that people are also turning to vaping marijuana instead of smoking. You get to use a cool gadget, and you get more benefit from the plant. Here are some of the main reasons why people are choosing to vape instead of toke.


Marijuana can take a while to kick in if you are smoking traditional flower, and up to an hour if you are eating edibles. If you are a medical patient using marijuana to treat something like oncoming seizures or panic attacks, it can be essential to get your dose in as quickly as possible. Even if you are just recreating, it is a lot nicer to know right away just how high you are going to get so you don’t accidently imbibe more than you wanted.


Vaping is also a lot easier to do in public, if you need to medicate on the go, or if you are trying to sneak in a discrete puff before a movie or show. Smoking in public is usually illegal, and can be a huge bother – bowls are messy and can get broken, joints fall apart, and people might see or smell you when you shouldn’t be detected. Vaping gets rid of that issue, and vape pens are easy to pack and take on the go.


Even though most experts now agree that smoking marijuana is much healthier than smoking tobacco, there is still some small degree to which marijuana can be harmful for your lungs. Smoking means you also have to light up all the plant matter and fill your lungs with smoke, just to get the desired effects. When you vape, you remove that step, allowing for healthier lungs that will make it easier to do things like work out and stay in shape.


Sometimes, it can take a few bong rips or hits from a bowl to feel any effects from smoking marijuana. Vaping concentrated THC or CBD allows you to feel those effects a lot faster. Just one or two hits from your pen, or one good dab, will have you feeling better quickly. If you are a medical patient, this is essential in order to reap the benefits of the medicine and feel normal. If you are just recreating, it is really nice to get a good buzz without putting in a lot of effort or using up a lot of product.


Best of all, vaping gets rid of a lot of the negativity associated with marijuana. There is no smoking involved, so the minimal health risks associated with smoking marijuana aren’t an issue. There is no plant matter, no joints or blunts, no lighters. The one last negative staple of dabbing is using a blowtorch and a nail, which can look like you have a nasty drug habit. But this is slowly being replaced by the much friendlier appearing electronic nail, or e-nail. Marijuana users can now feel confident about their use and their health, without worrying about harming their lungs or having to smoke in public.

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