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World Health Organization Discusses Marijuana and CBD

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A recent World Health Organization (WHO) meeting in Switzerland discussed the organization’s first-ever review of marijuana. The report was about the health and safety of marijuana. International experts worked together on the report and presented it to the WHO’s Expert Committee on Drug Dependence.

The report will help the WHO determine and deliver an appropriate recommendation for the United Nations Secretary General, according to Mother Jones.  The findings will provide a proper recommendation for the “need for and level of international control” of marijuana, which could change the international classification of marijuana, distancing it from dangerous drugs like meth and heroin.

The WHO committee mainly studied THC and cannabidiol (CBD). One of the most stand-out statements in the report indicated that driving under the influence of alcohol is more dangerous than driving under the influence of marijuana. The report also shows that marijuana has real medical benefits.

A few key points from the report include:

  • Marijuana is a relatively safe drug
  • Marijuana has been effective in treating cancer and slowing its progression
  • Moderate marijuana use may improve respiratory system function
  • No known health problems are associated with CBD use
  • Pregnant women shouldn’t use marijuana
  • CBD can treat epilepsy and other conditions
  • Overdosing on THC is virtually impossible

An additional review of the report is expected before a formal recommendation is provided to the United Nations Secretary General.


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