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Purple Urkle Marijuana Review

Arizona Purple Urkle Marijuana ReviewThese Purple Urkle mariuana nugs from B Zo were well taken care of. These dense buds were covered in unusually lon, bright orange hairs. This strain gives off an unmistakable skunky aroma with subtle hints of fruit.

Bit of a warning: these Purple Urkle buds are not for the newbie patient. The effects of Purple Urkle can be a bit intense for a patient with a low tolerance. However, it is a great medicine for nighttime use or for chronic pain. The high hits you hard and takes away any pain or discomfort you may have, along will any motivation to do anything beyond relax.

The legend has it Purple Urkle was found in a group of Northern Lights x Purple Indica seeds, which would explain its uncanny ability to Chick Norris my brain with one bong rip.




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