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Marijuana Memory

Marijuana and tobacco have always been believed to cause decreased memory function. But according to a recent research study published in the Behavioral Brain Research Journal, the opposite is true when marijuana and tobacco are consumed together.

Dr. Francesca M. Filbey PhD found that as the hippocampus (an area of the brain associated with memory and spatial navigation) got smaller from marijuana and tobacco use, memory improved.

“We expected the opposite,” stated a researcher. The study also mentioned that with people who use marijuana and tobacco: “smaller hippocampal volumes were linked to relatively higher memory scores.”

It is estimated that about 70% of marijuana users also use tobacco, which is why these researchers decided to research the combined effects of marijuana and tobacco use.

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Ireland Marijuana Drugs

Ireland officials recently met about their concerns over Ireland’s national drug abuse problem. They appear to be leaning to the idea that all drugs should be decriminalized.

Years ago, Portugal decriminalized all drugs and applied a public health approach to illegal drug use because of increasing drug overdose deaths and HIV/AIDS. Years later, Portugal has the second lowest number of drug-related deaths in all of Europe.

Ireland is leaning towards the approach of treating drug abuse as a public health issue rather than criminal justice issue.

The Irish Minister stated that there has been “wide consensus within the room for decriminalization” and there are still “some question marks and some discussion points as to how to get wider society on board with the idea.” He further noted that “people in the sector may be convinced but the terminology and the language is going to be important.”

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Illinois Dispensary First

After years of delays, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (DFPR) has announced the state’s first medical marijuana dispensary.

The dispensary, Harbory, will be located at 8195 Express Drive in Marion, which is approximately 300 miles south of Chicago. The dispensary is licensed for operation and can open at anytime. Currently there is no known open date.

“Illinois medical cannabis dispensaries will continue to be registered on a rolling basis,” said the DFPR in a statement. “Illinois medical cannabis dispensaries will receive medical cannabis exclusively from Illinois’ licensed growing facilities once it becomes available.”

A dispensary named Nature’s Treatment is currently under construction in Milan, which is in western Illinois, near Davenport, Iowa.

The DFPR mentioned that dispensaries will continue to be registered on a rolling basis. Once approved, names and addresses of dispensaries will be made available to the public.

Nevada Dispenary Open

Hundreds of pre-registered Nevada medical marijuana cardholders visited Euphoria Wellness, the first medical marijuana dispensary in the Las Vegas area, and second dispensary in the state.

Euphoria Wellness, located at 7785 S. Jones Blvd., is south of the strip and about 7 miles southwest from McCarran International Airport.

Only six strains are currently available, but the dispensary plans to offer about 30 strains in the future. Marijuana-infused edibles, oils and tinctures will also be available in the future.

One of the dispensary’s first patients said that the pills his doctors prescribed made him lethargic. “I sat in a recliner and did nothing,” the patient remarked. He also noted that after four years with a medical marijuana card, he is happy to finally have a safe place to buy lab-tested marijuana.

Congresswoman Dina Titus said that “this movement has really picked up in the last five years.” Nevada incorporated laws and lessons learned from states like Arizona, California and Colorado that have medical marijuana laws worth replicating. “Some people would say we’re the model now,” said Titus.

One, if not more, medical marijuana dispensaries are expected to open in Las Vegas before winter. In all, Las Vegas is expected to have about 40 to 50 dispensaries.