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Adam Scott Buds Marijuana

NBC might soon have a sitcom about a fictitious Denver marijuana dispensary. The show, being dubbed as “Buds,” will be about the day-to-day happenings inside a legal, recreational marijuana dispensary somewhere in Denver.

There is still a lot of speculation as to whether the show will be more along the lines of “Seinfeld,” “Mad Men” or a mix of the two.

According to various outlets, “Buds” is a part of NBC’s 2015-16 development cycle. Its executive producers are Adam Scott (of NBC’s “Parks and Rec” show), Naomi Scott (his producer wife) and Mande. It’s the first sale since the Scotts’ production company Gettin’ Rad Productions signed a first-look deal with Universal TV in 2014.

Marijuana Chocolate Spread Edibles

Do you like chocolate, Nutella, or peanut butter? If so, then you’ll certainly like this delicious marijuana infused chocolate spread.

This chocolate spread is perfect for using on toast, waffles, dipping vegetables into, and more. With a whopping 225mg of THC, this potent spread will leave your head and body feeling exceptional. It can also drastically reduce chronic pain.

The marijuana infused chocolate spread costs about $50.

Marijuana Product Review

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Iceland Marijuana

10. Jamaica
Use: 9.86% of the population.
Status: Illegal, but soon to be decriminalized

9. Australia
Use: 10.3% of the population.
Status: Illegal

8. Spain
Use: 10.6% of the population.
Status: Legal for personal use. Illegal to produce, sell or use in public.

7. Canada
Use: 12.2% of the population.
Status: Illegal for recreational use. Legal for medical use.

6. Nigeria
Use: 14.3% of the population.
Status: Illegal

5. New Zealand
Use: 14.6% of the population.
Status: Illegal

4. Italy
Use: 14.6% of the population.
Status: Illegal to produce or sell. Decriminalized for personal possession.

3. United States
Use: 14.8% of the population.
Status: Legal medical use in 23 states. Legal recreational use in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Washington D.C.

2. Zambia
Use: 17.7% of the population.
Status: Illegal

1. Iceland
Use: 18.3% of the population
Status: Illegal

Arizona Dispensary

A poll performed by Arizona State University’s Morrison Institute for Public Policy polled Arizonans about marijuana issues in Arizona and found that 45 percent support adult-use recreational marijuana legalization, while 42 percent support the current medical-use-only marijuana law. Only 13 percent of Arizonans want marijuana completely outlawed in the state.

The poll questioned over 700 Arizonans statewide.

“It is important to keep in mind this research polled a sample of all Arizona adults, not just voters or likely voters,” said David Daughery, the associate director of the Morrison Institute. He went on to mention that “since this issue would be decided by voters, the opinions of those who will not vote are of no consequence to a ballot measure.”

If Arizonans vote to legalize adult-use recreational marijuana in 2016, Arizona would have similar laws to Colorado, where adults can use and possess small amounts of marijuana – purchased from state-regulated dispensaries – for recreational use.

The ASU poll can be read here.

Marijuana Edibles

1. Wait How Long? – The most vital fact about edibles is that it takes time for the effects to hit you. Too many have fallen prey to the “I didn’t eat enough” illusion when they actually didn’t wait long enough. Most dispensaries suggest ingesting 5mg or 10mg your first time, or if you’re more seasoned try 10mg-20mg. One hour is a good amount of time to wait before considering eating more edibles.

2. Sativa, Indica or Hybrid? – Just like with smoking different types of marijuana strains, there are different kinds of edibles too. Sativa, like when smoked, is more of a head high which usually makes you motivated and energetic. Indica creates a lethargic body high and is usually used to help insomnia and pain relief. Hybrids are the in-between leaving your body relaxed and your mind awake. It’s important to take note of which kind of edible you’re eating so you know how your body will most likely react.

3. Strong Scent? – When you first crack open the seal of a really good edible you’ll get a whiff of sweet marijuana. The stronger the smell the stronger the dose and the more precaution you should take.

4. Medical or Recreational? – If in Colorado, medical dispensaries sell more potent edibles than recreational dispensaries. Most recreational dispensaries only go up to 100mg or 200mg while medical dispensaries sell up to 300mg. The heavier the dose the smaller the amount you should eat – especially if you’re new to edibles.

5. When and Where? – You should be in a comfortable and safe environment. Do not take before you have to drive and it’s not a good idea to consume just before going somewhere. Many first-timers experience paranoia in public.