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Marijuana DUI AZ

The state Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that Arizona authorities can’t prosecute motorists in Arizona for driving under the influence of marijuana unless the driver is impaired at the time of the stop.

This ruling overturned a decision last year that upheld the right for authorities to prosecute marijuana users for driving under the influence even when there was no evidence of impairment.

The state Supreme Court explained that while state statute makes it illegal for a driver to be impaired by marijuana, the presence of inactive metabolites or non-psychoactive compounds (such as CBD) from marijuana, does not constitute impairment under the law.

Attorney Michael Alarid III stated that “this does have far-reaching impacts on medical marijuana patients… and it basically corrects an error in the interpretation of the law.”

Use a medical marijuana delivery service and avoid driving altogether.

Happy 420! Yeahhh!

Dan "Dank" Kingston

It’s 420! Have a great day everyone! :)

420 Pipe

Arizona 420 Festival Canceled

Dan "Dank" Kingston


Hotel management has canceled the Arizona 420 Festival less than 24 hours before its scheduled kickoff.

The hotel alleged “breach of contract” and “payment default” on the part of the festival’s promoter.

A press release sent Thursday announced the Arizona 420 Festival’s cancellation by Crowne Plaza general manger Adam Stanchina, who pulled the plug on the event.


Arizona 420 Festival is Canceled

Dan "Dank" Kingston

The Arizona 420 Festival has been canceled.

Marijuana Stocks Are Booming

Dan "Dank" Kingston

Marijuana stocks are booming! Some of these marijuana industry stocks are penny stocks, while others are trading above $50 a share!
Marijuana Stocks

Jon Stewart makes fun of Bill O’Reilly’s take on marijuana and texting.



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