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Arizona-Based Organijuana Elevates the Bar with Organic Cultivation


This week, Nature’s Medicines provided with a peek at their newest brand, Organijuana.

In a 17-acre greenhouse facility in Amado, Arizona, Organijuana’s organically-grown marijuana plants take in natural light from the sun. Maintaining organic cultivation standards is imperative. Only natural elements are used – meaning, there are no harmful chemicals used in the cultivation.

It’s a misconception that marijuana grown in greenhouses lacks potency and strong terpene profiles. Proper growing techniques and careful monitoring help these plants reach their full potential.

“Our batches are consistently testing for THC in the upper teens to low twenties (16-23% THC),” said Mark Steinmetz, owner of Nature’s Medicines.

Organijuana isn’t just one marijuana strain; it’s a full line with multiple products and strains.

Ernesto Becerril, a degreed horticulturalist, manages the greenhouse procedures and he attributes his 20+ years of experience in horticulture and maintaining the basics to the success they’re seeing in Amado.

“Irrigation, nutrients and monitoring all matter,” said Becerril. “We use natural and organically certified (OMRI) products that have no residual effects into the plants like pesticides do. We mix all of our nutrients in-house. There is no snake oil. There are no preservatives or additives in anything that we use.”

Some of the Organijuana products includes:

  • Flower
  • Kief
  • Live resin
  • Budder
  • Shatter

The growing methods used by Nature’s Medicines – such as recycling its water, using more natural light than artificial and efficient growing techniques – help reduce the cost of cultivation per gram, which keeps costs down and more affordable for their medical marijuana patients.

Steinmetz mentioned that their “sustainable growing methods not only reduce our carbon footprint, but it also helps us reduce our cultivation costs to be able to keep the cost per gram down. In return, we’re able to offer Organijuana to our patients at a very affordable cost. Organijuana is ‘Cannabis with a conscience’.”

“Cannabis with a conscience” refers to providing clean medicine grown by strict organic standards that is tested for purity and potency all while at an affordable cost to patients. This standard helps Nature’s Medicines retain loyal patients who are concerned with the quality of their medicine and may be dealing with significant health conditions such as cancer or weakened immune systems.

Traci Black, General Manager of Nature’s Medicines, says only the best plants are selected to represent the Organijuana brand. Crown colas (the tops of the flowering buds) are used for some of the brand’s products because there’s a higher concentration of THC in them.

Organijuana cannabis flower and concentrate products can be found at these Arizona dispensaries:

  • Nature’s Medicines (Phoenix)
  • Nature’s Medicines (Fountain Hills)
  • Earth’s Healing (North Tucson)
  • Earth’s Healing (South Tucson)
  • Glendale Greenhouse
  • Territory
  • The Holistic Center
  • Mint
  • High Mountain Health
  • The Phoenix
  • TruBLISS
  • Monarch
  • Sticky Saguaro
  • Farm Fresh
  • MEDUSA Farms
  • Untamed Herb’s (previously Uncle Herb’s)

View Arizona dispensary map.

Organijuana Arizona

Organijuana Arizona

Photos by Organijuana

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