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AZ Company Launches Alcohol-free, THC-infused Wine

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Sweet Dreams Vineyard has officially launched two alcohol-free adult drinks made with THC just in time for 4/20, the unofficial holiday every April 20 celebrating marijuana. Cannabernet and Marijuarita are manufactured in Arizona and sold at Valley dispensaries, use cutting edge nano-emulsification technology and all-natural juices to create an enjoyable adult experience. They’re healthier alternatives to drinking traditional wines or smoking cannabis, provide a quick and consistent effect and aid in sleep and pain management.

“Smoking cannabis has numerous downsides, and can be unacceptable in some social settings,” said Bill Gibbs, founder of Sweet Dreams Vineyard. “And traditional edibles can take up to two hours to work.” Sweet Dreams Vineyards provides the social enjoyment of a quick acting alcoholic beverage and the relaxation of cannabis without the health risks of either.

A recent study found that during the pandemic alcohol use skyrocketed, as 60 percent of Americans consumed more alcohol to cope with additional stress and anxiety. Sweet Dreams Vineyard beverages offer a relaxed, soothing effect similar to alcohol, but with far fewer calories and much less of the down sides associated with heavy drinking or smoking cannabis (including inhaling toxic chemicals). Cannabernet has half the calories of traditional wine per serving and the Marijaurita only has 45 calories—far fewer than the traditional version of the cocktail, which can run into the hundreds, depending on how much sweetener is used.

These beverages also offer fast-acting effects similar to that of an alcohol-based beverage without the alcohol hangover. By using nano-emulsification technology, which makes the THC water soluble, the effects are felt in as little as 15 minutes. This means they’re more convenient and safer than traditional edibles where the two-hour lag time between taking the traditional edible and feeling its effects can cause people to overuse them and have an unpleasant experience.

“With the shifting public acceptance toward cannabis, I believe that people are now more open to a healthier alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages,” Gibbs said. “Our goal is to provide consumers a line of healthier alternatives to alcohol for reducing anxiety and pain, experiencing relaxation and getting a restful night’s sleep.”

And unlike other cannabis drinks, Cannabernet and Marijuarita deliver a flavor profile reminiscent of wine and cocktails, with no bitter THC taste. Cannabernet is made with high-antioxidant blueberry and pomegranate juice, while the Marijuarita is made with real lime juice. Gibbs worked with a local Valley sommelier and various food scientists to develop the palate-pleasing recipes.

Cannabernet comes in a single-serve 187ml bottle as well as a larger 750 mL bottle. The Marijuarita is also available in a single serve 187mL bottle. The 187 mL bottle of Cannabernet or Marijuarita comes in THC strengths of 10mg, 50mg or 100mg. The full-sized 750 mL bottles are available in THC strengths of 25mg, 50mg or 100mg. So, no matter what your tolerance or history with cannabis, there is a strength that’s probably right for you. However, it’s always recommended that you start with one five-ounce glass of the lowest strength and gauge your individual reaction before having more.

Much like alcoholic beverages, within 15 minutes consumers can expect to experience mild relief of pain, stress and anxiety, including a gentle sedative effect without an alcohol hangover the next day.

The benefits of Cannabernet and the Marijuarita compared to wine or other THC products may include:

·      Healthier alternative to inhaling cannabis

·      More consistent experience due to meticulous dosing standards

·      Faster-acting experience due to nano-emulsion technology

·      Ingredients that provide three times the antioxidant levels of red wine or green tea

·      Reduction of alcohol use and subsequent alcohol related health issues

·      Reduction in calories from traditional alcohol consumption

·      Ability to aid in pain management

·      Natural sleep aid

·      No alcohol hangover

Sweet Dreams Vineyard products are sold to anyone over the age 21 at Herbal Wellness Centers and a growing number of dispensaries around the valley. The cost is in the low to high teens for the 187mL bottle of either Cannabernet or Marijuarita and in the low to high $30s for a 750mL bottle of Cannabernet, depending on the strength. To join the revolution and find out where you can purchase Cannabernet today, visit

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