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Arizona Epileptic Child Finds Relief via Marijuana and CBD

Arizona Marijuana Children Epilepsy

Harvesting Hope, a Tempe-based non-profit, has helped a local family obtain the ideal strains of medical marijuana to treat their daughter’s epilepsy. The family obtains the medicine, both dry flower and marijuana oil, from Harvest of Tempe dispensary which is known for its ability to work with pediatric patients. The treatment is working for the young patient, who has seen a significant improvement in her quality of life.

Jessica Crozier and her husband used to be against marijuana – they only knew of it as an illegal drug. The strains selected to treat Jessica’s daughter, Emma, are Harle-Tsu, Charlotte’s Web and Harelquin, Fox 10 News reports. Jessica fills capsules with ground dry medical marijuana and also uses marijuana oils, high in CBD percentage but minimal in THC percentage, for her daughter to take daily.

Mrs. Crozier said, “I actually have a system, I get all setup, I have my capsules, I have my funnel. It does smell like your typical pot, and to be honest, I had to get used to that.”

Mrs. Crozier explained the difficult journey the family has had in finding an effective treatment for their daughter. She tried multiple medications – 10 to 15 different options that did not help. Emma had as many as seven seizures a day, lasting up to 45-seconds each. During some of the seizures, the young girl would stop breathing.

Mrs. Crozier continued by saying, “I had some friends say, ‘Why don’t you think about cannabis?’ I didn’t believe in it as a medicine. I knew it as pot, as a drug, so my husband and I were leery. We did our research. I am a teacher and by nature, I research and do my homework.”

The Crozier’s daughter uses a very small dose of medical marijuana, meaning that those containing small percentages of THC do not cause the feeling of being “high”.

In regards to knowledge regarding the real benefits of marijuana for epileptic pediatric patients, Jessica Crozier said, “There are some doctors and neurologists who are not quite on board and that is OK, but you can’t deny the progress that you see right in front of you when parents come to you and say their child is having one or two (seizures) a week, instead of 15 in a day.”

Since starting medical marijuana, the family has reported that no night-time seizures have occurred and the number of daytime seizures have reduced.

In response to how well the medicine is working for Emma, Mrs. Crozier said, “With this medication, the cloud has lifted and we’re finally meeting the true Emma and seeing her real personality.”


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