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Inside an Arizona Marijuana Cultivation Greenhouse Operation

Sunday Goods operates a 7-acre medical marijuana cultivation facility near Willcox, Arizona. Their Dutch greenhouse cultivation approach allows the Arizona sun to help grow their 60 different marijuana strains.

Currently, Sunday Goods offers its products at many Arizona dispensaries as well as via a delivery service in Phoenix, reports Esquire. As their popularity grows and more dispensaries begin offering their brand to Arizona medical marijuana patients, Sunday Goods will further expand its delivery service range.

“As [the medical marijuana industry] becomes more mature and information becomes more readily available, people are going to care more about what goes into their medicine,” said Randy Smith, CEO of Sunday Goods.

Smith compared the company’s superior marijuana and organic cultivation practices to different types of tomatoes in a grocery store by saying, “Picture a grocery aisle of tomatoes. There’s a thousand hot house tomatoes that are perfectly orange, and, at one point, that’s what people thought a tomato was, this flavor-less, taste-less, round, orange, orb. And then all the way at the end was this tiny shelf from this hippie organic farmer who had this thing called an heirloom tomato that wasn’t perfect—it had spots on it, stripes—but you tasted it and you were like, oh my god, this is delicious. We’re the heirloom tomato.”

Sunday Goods plans to expand with several brick and mortar locations in Arizona. The company also has marijuana applications pending in Ohio, Michigan and California, and is also considering entering Florida’s medical marijuana market.

“We are not corporate cannabis,” said Smith. “We are just a large family farm. The principles of family farming and true agriculture are what we live by. There has to be soul in it! There has to be love. There has to be hands in the dirt.”

Photos: Sunday Goods

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