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Arizona’s Economy Gets Boost From Arizona Medical Marijuana Industry

The Regulated Dispensaries of Arizona Association had a study conducted to show how the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act is contributing to Arizona’s economy.

Timothy Hogan, a professor emeritus at Arizona State University’s L. William Seidman Research Institute, conducted the study. He concluded that Arizona’s medical marijuana industry could employ more than 1,500 Arizona workers and provide $74 million in income to those households.

According to the study, Arizona’s economy would see approximately $34 million in additional spending and about $2 million in revenue for state and local governments from the development of medical marijuana dispensaries. This additional activity would create about 460 new jobs, $65 million in economic activity, and $5 million for state and local tax revenue.

So far, there are about 38,000 medical marijuana patients in Arizona and about a hand full of opened dispensaries.

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