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AZ Cannabis Initiative Passes Legislative Review with Minor Changes Coming

AZ Marijuana Legalization Initiative

Following an Arizona Legislative legal review, the Smart and Save Arizona Act, which would legalize marijuana for adult-use (recreationally), is allowed to advance. Legal reviews of ballot measures are done to make sure language and style are consistent with Legislative-drafted measures.

During the legal review a few changes had to be made to gain approval to move forward, AZ Central reported. Stacy Pearson, a spokesperson for the initiative’s campaign said that most of the changes will be accepted by the group.

A minor issue pointed out during the review was that the initiative doesn’t explain where funds from marijuana possession fines will go. It says that violations will be handled with civil penalties and fines but doesn’t specify where the revenue will be sent to. Other small things that were pointed out were simple grammatical errors and the use of alphabetical listings in some sections.

Regarding the revenue from possession fines, Pearson said, “That’s a great catch.”

Once the corrections are made, the initiative will be refiled, which is expected to happen within a week.

The initiative would legalize marijuana use and possession of up to one ounce for adults 21 and older.

View the Smart and Safe Arizona Act.

Photo: Tom Margie/Flickr CC2.0 Modified.

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