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Colorado Campaign Seeking Gun Rights for Marijuana Users

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Colorado was the first state to legalize recreational marijuana use and sales, and now the state’s voters might have an opportunity – via a ballot measure – to allow marijuana users to carry a concealed firearm.

The “Colorado Campaign for Equal Gun Rights” is attemping to put a question on the November 2016 ballot that is aksing Colorado lawmakers to basically ignore guidelines from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives about possessing a firearm and marijuana.

The measure would change state law preventing authorities from denying concealed carry permits because of a person’s marijuana use. This is a new frontier in the marijuana-rights wars, and one that has gun-rights activists divided.

“It’s just ridiculous,” said a campaign organizer who argues that firearms aren’t banned from alcohol drinkers. “Somebody can get extremely drunk – Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and all week if they want – and they can still get a concealed carry permit.”

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