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Dispensary and Rapper RiFF RAFF Develop New Marijuana Strains

Reef Dispensaries, which has locations in Arizona and Nevada, has partnered with the rapper RiFF RAFF to endorse two exclusive marijuana strains: “Red Carpet Kush,” an exciting sativa, and “Lamborghini Leg Lock,” a potent indica.

The strains will be unveiled in early May in Las Vegas and Northern Nevada, according to Digital Journal. The strains are expected to be available at Reef’s Arizona locations at a later date. Tryke Companies, which operates Reef Dispensaries, also works with Wiz Khalifa and other celebrities to develop and endorse new strains

RiFF RAFF said that, “It’s the equivalent to when the Lamborghini came out. Imagine NASA, when it first came out with the space program. This is what this [new marijuana strain] is.”

CEO of Tryke Companies, Matthew Morgan, said, “Following Khalifa Kush and Exotikz, we’re happy to have RiFF RAFF as a product curator here at Reef. His unique taste lends a bold new perspective to the medical cannabis market.”

Photo: jodyhighroller.com

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