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Learn How to Prepare for Your First Trip to a Marijuana Dispensary

Your First Visit to a Dispensary

The cannabis industry is rather new and is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, which means there is a learning curve for consumers. Anyone interested in buying marijuana for medical or recreational use will eventually visit a dispensary, and the first trip to a dispensary can be shocking because of the enormous selection of products available for purchase.

Follow these steps to learn how to prepare for your first trip to a dispensary.

Determine Your Goals

Before you visit the dispensary for the first time, or any time, make sure you know what goals you’d like to accomplish. For example, is there a particular medical condition you’re looking to treat, do you prefer an inhaleable or edible product, or do you prefer a cannabis strain that provides energy or calmness? These are just some questions you can ask yourself when determining your goals.

Research What Products Will Help Accomplish Your Goals

Learn about marijuana here or online by searching Google for terms such as “sativa marijuana strain” and “indica marijuana strain” or “marijuana flower vs edibles” and “marijuana dosage.”

Bring ID and Medical Marijuana Card

Dispensaries have security and receptionists that will ask for your state-issued driver’s license and your valid medical marijuana identification card when you visit.

A driver’s license is required at recreational dispensaries, but a medical marijuana card is not.

Bring Plenty of Cash

Most dispensaries only accept cash, and most of them do have ATMs inside. Some dispensaries do use alternative payment services, such as Hypur and Alt Thirty Six, which require you download their app and connect your bank checking account to it. Then you can electronically send funds from your bank account to the dispensary’s bank account via the app. If you’re interested in this, simply ask a dispensary employee if they offer an alternative payment service.

Check Dispensary Menu for Product Availability

Visit your local dispensary’s website to view their online menu and see what products are available for sale. You can even order online and pick-up your product at the dispensary or have them deliver it to you (not all dispensaries offer these services).

Ask the Dispensary Budtender About Proper Dosages

Budtenders, or dispensary customer service representatives, teach customers about marijuana in general and about the specific marijuana products that the dispensary sells. Things such as side effects and dosage are topics you’ll want to discuss with them. For instance, 5mg of THC in an edible is the recommended amount for novice users. You can ask them anything about marijuana and they’ll know the answer.

Smile: You’re Going to Achieve Your Goals

There are numerous varieties of marijuana strains and products, so you’ll certainly find one that works for you; however, it could take some trial and error to find the strain and consumption method that works best for your goals. For this reason, you should buy multiple products in small quantities so that you can test a variety to discover which works best for you. Then you can buy the discounted bulk quantity when you find the right strain and consumption method for you.

Find Deals on Dispensary Products

Dispensaries are always offering deals on products. Visit our Arizona Dispensary Deals page to find great discounts or contact your local dispensary and ask them about their current deals. You can also subscribe to receive emails sent by us that contain dispensary deals and news.

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