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ALERT: Medical Marijuana DUI Being Enforced

The Court of Appeals has ruled that authorities have the right to prosecute medical marijuana users in Arizona for driving under the influence – even when there is no evidence that they are actually high while driving.

The ruling focuses on the chemical compounds in marijuana that shows up in urine and blood tests. One chemical compound in marijuana can cause drivers to be impaired; while the other chemical compound doesn’t affect a person’s impairment, but it stays in a person’s systems for up to four weeks after they have used medical marijuana.

This means that if you smoke or consume medical marijuana today, then you are at risk of getting a DUI for approximately the next four weeks.

The court ruled that both compounds apply to Arizona law. Therefore, a driver doesn’t have to actually be impaired to get prosecuted for a marijuana-related DUI. The court said that as long as there is evidence of marijuana in a person’s system, they can get a DUI. This means that the court acknowledges there is a chemical compound in marijuana that doesn’t affect driving ability, yet they still decided to make it illegal to drive while it is in your system.

This ruling is absurd. The equivalent to this would be if you drank alcohol on New Years Eve and then got a DUI four weeks later on February 1st because of the alcohol you consumed on New Years Eve. What a ridiculous and archaic law created by silly, old dogs.

I guess the over 30,000 medical marijuana patients in Arizona will have to rely on taxis from now on because the public transportation system in Arizona in basically non-existent.


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