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New Arizona Psychedelic Wellness Company Offers Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy


Daytryp Health, with locations recently opening in Phoenix and Mesa, is an up-and-coming, psychedelic wellness company that is sure to make an impact on the Arizona community.

Currently, Daytryp Health centers provide ketamine-assisted psychotherapy in a tranquil, elegant atmosphere. Ketamine is a legal psychedelic compound that has been proven to help those suffering from the following conditions:

  • Treatment-resistant depression
  • Anxiety
  • Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Chronic pain
  • Migraines
  • Eating disorders
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Substance and alcohol use disorders

Ketamine induces neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to change – to rewire, relearn and strengthen important connections. Neuroplasticity occurs after every ketamine treatment and can last for many days, providing the opportunity to quite literally “change people’s minds,” as well as their  lives.

With the opening of the Phoenix and Mesa offices, Daytryp intends to establish itself as a pillar in the community, providing education on the efficacy and safety of psychedelic therapies on physical, emotional, and mental health. Unlike the majority of existing ketamine clinics, Daytryp applies a holistic approach to wellness with an emphasis on the integration process. 

The integration process refers to a number of ways in which Daytryp practitioners and “trip sitters” assist clients in processing and incorporating the insights gained from their ketamine treatment. Daytryp will be participating in clinical trials of additional psychedelic treatments including psilocybin therapy and MDMA therapy. They will also be offering these therapies upon FDA approval. 

Daytryp’s founder and CEO, Chris Cohn, was elated to hear about the recent announcement of bipartisan bill HB2486, which aims to allocate $30 million in grants over 3 years to fund clinical trials using psilocybin to treat mental health conditions like depression and PTSD.

“At Daytryp Health, we have seen first-hand the transformative power of psilocybin therapy in treating mental health conditions. We are thrilled about the introduction of House Bill 2486, which will provide the funding necessary to conduct rigorous clinical trials and further demonstrate the efficacy of psilocybin as a therapeutic agent. This is a monumental step forward in advancing mental health care and we are eager to play a role in advancing this important research,” said Cohn. 

Envisioned by leading mental health and psychedelic healthcare professionals, Daytryp Health is a privately owned family of psychedelic therapy centers in Arizona and Oregon, providing personalized treatment to help individuals and their loved ones break free from the cycle of chronic mental health and pain conditions.

For more information, please visit or call 1-833-DAYTRYP


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