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Pharmaceutical Drugs Based Off of Marijuana Compounds


More pharmaceutical companies are starting to take notice of the healing properties marijuana, and the FDA is finally approving pharmaceuticals that use or mimic the healing abilities found in marijuana.

Below are four pharmaceutical companies that now have products containing synthetic marijuana or are derived from marijuana and are rising in popularity among the ill.

Sativex is a mouth spray with a chemical compound that is derived from natural extracts of the cannabis plant. Sativex contains the cannabinoids THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol).

Sativex treats neuropathic pain and spasticity in patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Analgesic treatment in adult patients with advanced cancer with moderate to severe pain.

Marinol contains synthetic THC and is used in the treatment of nausea and vomiting for patients in cancer treatment as well as an appetite stimulant for AIDS patients and a analgesic to ease neuropathic pain in multiple sclerosis patients.

Nabilone / Cesamet
Nabilone / Cesamet contain a synthetic cannabinoid similar to THC and is used in the treatment of nausea and vomiting in patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Dexanabinol contains a synthetic cannabinoid that is a neuroprotectant used after cardiac surgery and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) to regain memory and other high-level function. It also has possible future use as an anti-cancer drug.

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