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Senate Bill Would Protect Gun-Owning MMJ Patients

Medical Marijuana and Guns

An amendment has been drawn up and offered in the Senate that would forbid the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) from intentionally targeting permit holding gun owners simply because they are also medical marijuana patients.

Senator John Walsh of Montana submitted the amendment in hopes that it would keep the ATF from using taxpayers’ money to attack legal gun-owning medical marijuana patients in the 23 states that currently allow medical marijuana. It would also protect patients in other states that have legalized CBD oil to help treat seizures.

The ATF sent out a letter in 2011 telling federal firearm licensees forbidding them to sell firearms or even ammunition to any marijuana users, despite whether or not they are in compliance with state law. The letter quite plainly states: “Any person who uses or is addicted to marijuana, regardless of whether his or her state has passed legislation authorizing marijuana use for medicinal purposes, is an unlawful user of or addicted to a controlled substance, and is prohibited by federal law form possessing firearms or ammunition.”

The majority of Americans strongly disagrees with everything this letter stands for and feels that marijuana is a much less harmful substance than prescription medication and alcohol and hope that the senate will vote in their favor. A vote could come as soon as Friday.

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