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The Perfect Accessories For A Cannabis Smoking Session

King Palm

All Natural Leaf Preroll Cones

Even though pop culture has kept the use of tobacco blunt wraps a popular option, there are several facts that cannot be ignored regarding them. Brittle tobacco wraps often produce an unpleasant and harsh tobacco taste that can taint the taste of even the most flavorful strains of cannabis. Many of these tobacco leaf wraps are not meant to be inhaled, and for cannabis enthusiasts who do not use tobacco this can cause a painful and nauseating experience.

King Palm’s response to this was to develop the King Palm All Natural Leaf Preroll cones. Made with all natural, organically grown Cordia leaves, these wraps give a smoother and safer smoking experience. Unlike it’s tobacco leaf counterparts, the neutral taste of the Cordia leaf hides in the background allowing the flavor of one’s favorite cannabis strain to have the spotlight. King Palm takes it a step farther by adding a fully organic, biodegradable corn husk filter tip. Built to be durable while providing maximum airflow, the biodegradable corn husk filter tip filters out harshness without impact on marijuana effectiveness. It also makes sogginess and scooby snacks a thing of the past. Learn more about why these all natural leaf blunt cones are superior than rolling papers with an in depth article explaining why on Cannabisnow.

King Palms Leaf Wrap cones are offered in a vast array of sizes from .5 grams all the way up to the semi-truck sized 5 gram pre-roll blunt wrap, and their slow burning makes them a must have for any smoking session.

Flavored Pre-rolled cones 

If flavored rolling papers or flavored blunt wraps are what a customer is after, King Palm has the superior answer for that as well.  Rather than dipping or spraying leaves with an artificial flavoring agent like many of their competitors, King Palm uses a crush capsule inside of the corn husk filter tip that is filled with consumption-grade, organic essential oils. When crushed, the oils soak into the porous filter, infusing every draw with a rich and powerful burst of flavor without having to ingest any of the oils. By using all natural ingredients and essential oils, smokers will receive an enhanced amount of additional terpenes, in turn amplifying the medicinal properties of your favorite cannabis strains. King Palm offers their flavored pre-roll wraps in over 20 different unique and potent flavors.

Terpene-Infused Flavored Filter Tips

If one has a specific cannabis rolling paper or blunt wrap that they swear by, they can still experience King Palm’s all natural, fruit-terpene flavor by purchasing one Terpene-Infused corn husk flavored filter tips as a standalone. The addition of this option was so popular that it was ranked the #1 Best Flavored Rolling Paper and Wrap option by CannabisNow in 2021 (with the #2 spot being the aforementioned King Palm Flavored Pre-Roll cones). 

Both the pre roll cones and blunt flavor filter tips are offered in flavors such as Cherry Charm, Lemon Haze, Pine Drips, Mango OG, green apple, and many more.

Glass filter Tips

Glass tips are an accessory that every cannabis smoker from beginner to lifelong veteran should have in their arsenal. These simple glass cylinders fit on the end of a wrap and act  to cool and filtrate smoke before it makes it to your lungs. This leads to a significantly smoother smoking session, decreasing the amount and intensity of hot hits even as you reach the end of your blunt or cannabis joint. When paired with one of the King Palm terpene infused Flavor tips or pre-rolled wraps, the Glass tips add an extra layer of cooling and filtration to the highly effective filtration of the corn husk tip. This provides a hit that can only be described as perfection. Easy to clean and reusable, King Palm offers 7mm and 9mm glass tips. 

Weed Grinders

No smoker should have to enter a cannabis smoking session without a quality dry herb grinder. A good grinder helps smokers spend less time breaking up buds and more time enjoying the session. King Palm offers different styles of grinders that ensure that every consumer will find one perfect for them.

The flagship of King Palm’s line of grinders is the King Palm Mars Grinder, a four piece lightweight aluminum dry herb grinder that fits comfortably in the palm of the hand. With a smooth, rounded design available in six beautiful colors, this space age accessory looks more like something out of a sci-fi movie than the effective dry herb grinder it is. The Mars Grinder’s improved teeth help it to effortlessly grind through cannabis with minimal effort, perfect for the chunky grind that King Palm recommends while using one of their all natural King Palm all natural original or flavor-tipped cones. The Mars Grinder comes with a carrying bag, scraper, and cleaning brush.

Next on the list is King Palm’s Aluminum Nonstick line of dry herb grinders. Made from durable lightweight aluminum and sporting a sleek black appearance, the inside of the standard three-chamber model has a ceramic coating that helps to keep even the stickiest cannabis from adhering to the internal components. In contrast to the standard model, the aluminum nonstick line is completed by the XL Grinder. The XL only has two chambers, but makes up for this fact by having an astounding capacity of 3.5 grams.

King Palm also offers a Type-C USB powered electric dry herb grinder and the Grinder Card; a discreet credit card sized grinder that boasts superior durability compared to similar style compact card grinders on the market. 

Rolling Trays

Rolling Trays make life easier, and there is no way around that. Whether small or large help keep things contained and make for easier containing and moving of flower and cannabis accessories during a smoke session, and provide a flat surface that can be used on a lap. Nothing is worse than digging through carpet or crawling around a cold, concrete floor attempting to recoup spilled cannabis, and a quality try can avoid that. King Palm offers a large catalog of rolling trays ranging in design from classy glass to mad scientist to high tech. The issue for consumers isn’t finding a tray, but deciding which one of these many quality trays fits one’s personality and needs best.

For those looking for a tray with a classier aesthetic should look no further than the King Palm Shatter Resistant Glass Rolling Tray. With a small size of 6 inches by 4 inches, this tray could very easily be mistaken for a classy piece of interior decor rather than a high quality rolling tray. The detailed beachscape illustration will cause one to almost overlook the fact that this tray is shatter resistant.

In stark contrast to the traditional classiness of the glass tray, the King Palm Glow Tray is the ultimate rolling tray for setting the perfect mood for a smoking session. With a size of 8.5 x 11, this large tray provides an abundance of space for rolling while having enough room for all of one’s pre-rolled cones, glass or filter tips, dry herb grinder, cannabis containers and more. What sets this tray apart is its internally housed LED light strips that line the rim of the tray as well as the King Palm Logo in the center of the tray. With 16 different colors to choose from, and a remote for easily changing the colors or patterns of the lighting, joints and blunts alike can roll in the darkest of conditions with ease; All while maintaining the perfect ambience to amplify the euphoric experience of a cannabis smoking session.


Work smarter, not harder. Rolling by hand is an art every user of cannabis should be able to do to some extent; but just because one can doesn’t mean one should have to. For consumers who prefer rolling as opposed to using cones, rolling machines reduce prep time in a smoking session tremendously and allow for a perfect cannabis joint or blunt every time. Rollers are easy to use in general, but with King Palm’s rollers anyone who can turn handles can achieve a perfect roll every time. King Palm offers their smooth operating and sleek rollers in 78mm, 110mm, and King sizes, which means there is a perfect roller for everyone.

Ashtrays and Snuffers

Nobody likes covering their clothing, flooring, chairs, and surfaces with ash, and everyone has a stopping point. Ashtrays are essential for any smoking setup to contain ash and be able to put out their joint or blunt when it’s time to call it quits. It should come as no surprise that King Palm carries a variety of different ashtrays and snuffers in their extensive line of accessories.

Along with conventional style ashtrays made from glass, plastic, and aircraft grade aluminum, King Palm offers a truly unique ashtray that is bound to be a focal point in the center of any cannabis smoking session. The Bermuda, a triangle shaped antique-inspired metal catcher can only be described as mythical. Available in the vintage inspired “gleaming gold” and “sparkling silver” finishes, this beautiful ashtray contains ornate Victorian style engravings that will make you think you are holding a relic of a bygone era. Engraved inside the tray is a detailed depiction of the legendary Kraken attacking a three-masted ship on the open sea. In terms of functionality, the Bermuda has two holding grooves and a snuffer on an removable top that makes for easy cleaning. With durability and an incredible appearance, the Bermuda is built to last and will serve even the heaviest of smokers for decades and decades to come.

Also available is King Palm’s silicone snuffers, which are perfect to have if an ashtray is nowhere to be found. Made from durable silicone,  Available in white, blue, and traditional style camo color schemes, King Palm’s Silicone Snuffers are one accessory everyone should have one of.

Other Canabis Smoking Accessories

As if the aforementioned accessories weren’t impressive enough, they are only the tip of the iceberg. Also available to enhance any smoking experience are:

  • A vast assortment of torches and lighting devices
  • Humidors, humidity meters, and humidity control packets
  • A gold plated scale
  • Smoke clips
  • Carrying tubes and cannabis storage containers

King palm also has a large collection of decorative items such as neon signs, inflatables, clocks, and even a full clothing line.

Superior Products For A Better Cannabis Smoking Session

Although they started with the goal of providing safer and higher quality alternatives for consumers that favored the conventional cannabis joint and blunt methods of consumption, King Palm has proved they are not a one trick pony. After revolutionizing the word of cannabis wraps with the use of Cordia leaf and the introduction of the all natural corn husk flavored filter tips in pre roll and stand alone varieties, they continue to strive for innovation. The evidence for this is found in their growing line of high-quality, consumer focused line of accessories. 

Regardless of one’s preference of cannabis smoking accessories, King Palm has the perfect product to meet any customer’s needs, and elevate any smoking session. From the Mars Grinder to the exquisite Kraken Ashtray, their high quality accessories will be serving customers for years to come. 


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